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Secret Food Tours Florence

Secret Food Tours Florence

We'll introduce you to the real Florence, away from the tourist traps and the museums, where you...

€79.00 - €89.00 Book now
Vespa Tour in Chianti area from Florence

Vespa Tour in Chianti area from Florence

Enjoy a Special Wine Tasting and Tour in Chianti Wine Region

€229.00 - €358.00 Book now
Val d'Orcia Original wine tour from Siena

Val d'Orcia Original wine tour from Siena

Full Day of Culture in Chianti, Tuscany

€52.50 - €95.00 Book now
Val d'Orcia Original Wine Tour from Florence

Val d'Orcia Original Wine Tour from Florence

Guided Full Day Tour of Culture and Wine in Tuscany

€52.50 - €95.00 Book now
Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa with Lunch

Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa with Lunch

Wine Tour with Visit to Leaning Tower of Pisa in Tuscany

€69.00 - €99.00 Book now
San Gimignano, Siena & Chianti

San Gimignano, Siena & Chianti

Enjoy a full-day tour of Tuscany wine regions

€60.00 Book now
San Gimignano, Chianti & Montalcino from Siena

San Gimignano, Chianti & Montalcino from Siena

Full Day Guided Wine Tour in Tuscany

€85.00 - €140.00 Book now
Safari Chianti Experience

Safari Chianti Experience

Quality Wine Tasting in Chianti, Tuscany

€129.00 Book now
Pizza and Tiramisù Making Class

Pizza and Tiramisù Making Class

Become A Part of A Culinary Adventure in Chianti : Master the Art of Pizza and Tiramisù

€115.00 Book now
Fiat 500: Vintage Tour on Chianti Roads from Florence

Fiat 500: Vintage Tour on Chianti Roads from Florence

Guided Wine Tour of the Tuscan Countryside

€250.00 Book now
Dinner in the Chianti Vineyards from Siena

Dinner in the Chianti Vineyards from Siena

A Magical Fusion of Wine and Dine in Chianti, Tuscany

€65.00 - €109.00 Book now

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

How to reach wine tastings and tours in Chianti?

The Chianti wine route is marked as Chiantigiana (or simply the SR 222) on the map of central Italy and it connects Florence and Siena. It's one of Italy's most picturesque driving highways, traversing acre after acre of vines producing the world-famous wines. You'd be forgiven if you thought the Chianti wine trail was a straight or round path; actually, it's a series of zigzags. Don't worry, your efforts will be richly rewarded with breathtaking sights of the Tuscan countryside, quaint medieval villages, and, of course, great wines to sample.

The best season to experience wine tasting tours in Chianti

The climate in Tuscany is the Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. The weather on the southern coast is milder, whereas the climate in the mountainous north is cooler. Below we provided some information about favourable seasons to go to wine tours in the Chianti region:

Spring is a wonderful time to explore Chianti and experience wine tours. By the end of March, the days are getting longer, and the weather is temperate and pleasant (18°- 20°C maximum), with the occasional shower. The trees are in full bloom, and the countryside is bustling with bustle and birds.

(!) Keep in mind that the Easter Holidays are commonplace for Italians to visit the Chianti region, and major cities such as Florence and Siena can get quite crowded throughout the weekend.

Summer is hot and crowded, but it's an excellent time to get away from the city and go for wine tastings and vineyard tours in the countryside. The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures occasionally reaching 35°C, making it rather uncomfortable, especially in Florence (that is the reason prices of hotels go down in August). However, the hills and coast, where the air helps and the evenings are cooler, are more enjoyable.

• Autumn in Tuscany is a gift. In late September (26°C max) and October (20°C max), temperatures are still good, towns aren't too congested, and vineyards and forests change various shades of yellow and crimson. The weather is still moderate in October, with the main negative being the occasional rain shower. The month of November is an excellent time to visit Florence because it is less crowded. It's also a perfect time to explore the best wine tasting and tours in Chianti.

What to taste in Chianti?

Since 1984, the Chianti formula has been revised once again. From that time, there are three categories of Chianti you want to try during wine tasting and tour to this area.

  • One-two-year-old Chianti is distinguished by a transparent ruby color, a fruity aroma. It is highly acidic and has a decorated taste. The grapes for it are collected from 8 sub-regions of Chianti.

  • Chianti Classico is made only from Sangiovese, which has been successfully cultivated here for thousands of years. The grapes are grown only in the historical area of Chianti Classico. Aging for 7 months in a bottle is a mandatory period. This wine has a full-bodied complex taste and a long aging period. Its dark red color with purple shades is fascinating, and the berry-violet aroma is unique.

  • Chianti Classico Riserva is a high-quality wine made from grapes with a reduced yield. Aging in the bottle for at least 3 years. The Riserva category today accounts for 20% of the total Chianti production. This is a thick pomegranate-colored wine with the aroma of spices and wild berries, a subtle velvety taste.

What is typical wine tasting tour in Chianti like?

Tuscan winemakers carry the charm of making wines with passion and love.
Chianti wine tours are an art in itself, where viewing a vineyard as a wine-producing hub is just an awesome thing to watch. When it comes to perceiving a vineyard as a wine-producing center, nothing beats it. Life is fascinating, and it is even more so when you are willing to learn about the history of a region. You will be accompanied by a guide who has worked for this company and will provide you with a wealth of information.
Stepping forward to observe the grapes in the vines is a joyous occasion. You will be stunned by the beauty that surrounds you in spellbinding shock. Then there's a tour of the winery, followed by a tour of the cellar. This is where you will witness the actual wine-making process. The best site ever, followed by a desire to taste wines, which is fulfilled by taking you right to the tasting area. Where the choice to select one of their best red wine is on you.
The tasting can be supplemented with classic Tuscan appetizers Finocchiona salami and Pecorino cheese or a full lunch if requested.
If you wish to stay longer at the farm and experience the wonderful Tuscan lifestyle, several wineries also offer accommodation as well.
Check individual winery profiles on our website to find the best wine tour in Chianti.

What to visit in Chianti?

Here is the shortlist of places to visit in Chianti:
Sagre is a traditional food and wine festival that takes place all throughout Tuscany and is a must-see. Small communities get dressed up for the occasion, and everyone participates. Local organizations and small companies work tirelessly to expand the number of opportunities to enjoy the good life, which is what the Chianti is all about.
Volpaia, a hamlet 7 kilometers from Radda in Chianti, redefines the term "picturesque." A little square with two churches and a well. Flowers framed the doors, and ivy and roses grew up the stone walls, giving the space a mystical feel. You could easily spend a couple of hours just photographing the Tuscan countryside.
• San Gusmè is a little Medieval tranquil village half an hour's drive from Siena, nestled in a sea of vineyards. When you walk through the ancient gate, you'll come across a few streets and a lovely square. There are less than a hundred individuals that reside here, and silence reigns supreme. It was early Spring when we went, and the place was almost deserted, but we found a bar open for a coffee and a snack (grocery shop).

To discover more places to visit in Chianti, visit our Chanti wine region page.

What is the best way to drink Chianti?

The best way to drink Chianti is to pair it with local Italian dishes. As for the temperature, 15 °C is the optimal temperature for Chianti wines to have smoother tannins.

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Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours for families with kids?

These places provide the best wine tasting experiences for families and kids:

Which places provide the best wine tours for groups?

These place provide the best wine tours for groups:

Where to eat in Chianti?

Pair your beautiful glass of Chianti with the local Tuscan food at one of the wineries overlooking spectecular landscapes. Most of the wineries in Chianti also offer a gastronomic experience. Here is where we recommend eating locally:

What dishes pair well with Chianti?

Chianti pairs well with the red sauce pastas. It can be pasta with tomato sauce or spaghetti bolognese. Local Tuscan salami – Finocchiona together with toasted Tuscan bread is one of the best you can try with Chianti.

What cheese goes well with Chianti?

Pecorino cheese is an ultimate pair with Chianti wine. Pecorino is a hard cheese made from whole sheep’s milk and it can vary upon aging. Other hard cheeses such as aged Parmigiano Reggiano and sharp Cheddar also pair well with Chianti.

What travellers says about Chianti Wine Tours

Martin July 19, 2023
Good tasting at fine small winery Wines with good taste, we tasted four wines and we found a wine we really liked so now they ship a few boxes to Denmark😁 Nice place.
Deborah March 27, 2024
Beautiful wine tour Alessandra was a perfect host as well as winemaker. Enjoyed the wonderful wines and learning about the legendary Paolina
Susan March 24, 2023
Wonderful host and wine Really enjoyed our personal tour with Claudia. Great history on the winery, delicious wine paired with local cheese and then their own olive oil. Just 5 minutes outside of town of Arezzo.
Deborah March 4, 2023
Castello Sonnino The wine tasting here was very informative and done in a very professional manner. They were very respectful as well. We got to see how their winery made their wine and also how they store them till they are aged before bottling. We bought wine here because the staff was very accommodating when we requested to have samples before the purchases. We highly recommend this wine tour in Florence, Italy.
Micaela April 7, 2024
Amazing must do experience!! We had such a great time at the vineyard! Beautiful scenery and very friendly staff.
Coneli August 9, 2023
True Tuscany Experience We absolutely loved Mormoraia !!! Julia was very informative. Everyone here was a pleasure to deal with. So welcoming.
Sudhanshu May 21, 2023
Wine Tasting I felt that the experience was amazing and I loved tasting the wines as well as learning about the important history behind castell
Caylee March 18, 2024
Accommodating The staff here was INCREDIBLY gracious. There was horrendous traffic the day we visited Siena, making us over an hour late. With a simple phone call to the Villa, my friend and I were assured we would still be able to come to the villa for a shorter but no less worthwhile tour and wine tasting experience. I cannot express enough how WORTH IT this experience was, and I am beyond grateful for the experience.
Anna Maria
Anna Maria May 2, 2024
Εξαιρετική εμπειρία (Exceptional experience) Μια εμπειρία που πρέπει να ζήσεις. (An experience you must live.)
Elena April 4, 2024
Kindly moment in Chianti We spent a very nice moment with Cesare, the 5th generation of owner of Fattorie Majnoni guicciardini. He spent time to explain the history of the family and the actual technics they use today on domain. We tried exceptional Chianti and the brunch with local products is amazing! Thank you for everything ! Merci beaucoup ;)

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