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Italy Wine Country

Italy - The Country Where "la dolce vita" is Lived

Along with France and Spain, Italy is one of the largest wine-growing countries in the world. Wines come from 20 wine regions of Italy that are popular far beyond national borders and are exported all over the world.

About half of the production in Italy wine country consists of red wine, the other half of white. Italian wines are also popular because they meet the tastes and attitudes of many people and they are so wonderfully connected to the Mediterranean cuisine that is valued all over the world and which the Italians know how to celebrate with masterly skill. Italian wine regions are diverse and authentic representing different and very unique winemaking traditions and heritage.

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Italy is the Country of Indigenous Varieties

Most of the wines are made from Italian, indigenous grape varieties: 350 grape varieties are grown across the Italy wine regions, out of which 330 are of Italian origin and are characterized by climate and landscape in their aroma. This makes Italy one of the countries with the largest range of indigenous varieties. The majority of wines in Italy wine country come from the four regions of Veneto, Apulia, Emilia-Romagna, and the island of Sicily. Together they make up more than half of the production. A strong culture and long winemaking traditions make Italy one of the countries with a high number of strict designations of origin (DOC / DOCG). Over 400 appellations are distributed in 20 Italian wine regions. Explore Italian wine regions and discover unique wines produced with centuries-old traditions.

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Wine Tourism in Italy

Italy wine country is one of the dream destinations for wine lovers. Millions of people every year are making their dream come true by visiting Italy wine regions, where they enjoy unique wine tourism experiences. Wine tourism in Italy is based on long-lasting traditions of winemaking, amazing food, breathtaking landscapes, and historic and innovative wineries. WineTourism.com offers a diversity of experiences in different wine regions of Italy. Our local partners in every region guarantee memorable experiences for everybody.

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Explore Italian Wine Regions

Explore Italian wine regions, major grape varieties and unique terroirs with us.

The North - New Wines from Old Grape Varieties

The north of Italy wine country produces an enormous variety of wines that have a strong Mediterranean character and are often made from local grape varieties, especially delicate white wines. But also, some very well-known reds come from the area.

Piedmont - One of the Most Elegant Italian Wine Regions

With Barolo and Barbaresco, both of which are made from the noble Nebbiolo variety, Piedmont has two wines that enjoy an excellent international reputation.

Vineyard Landscapes Of Piedmont Region, Italy Wine Country
Vineyard landscapes of Piedmont region, Italy wine country

Barbera, which is produced in the entire hill area, as well as the white wines Arneis and Gavi, also contribute to the high-quality image of this cultivation area. The white grape variety Moscato Giallo is vinified into the sparkling and sweet Moscato d’Asti and is often drunk by the Piedmontese as a dessert wine. Besides, the area also has a lot to offer for gourmets: the rare white truffle grows in the cold earth of the Langhe region, as the hills around the city of Alba are called. The local Nebbiolo grape is the ideal partner for this noble tuber.

Once travelling in Piedmont, take advantages of the locality, vibrant cities, breathtaking rural areas and sophisticated cuisine – everything from rice to white truffles and wonderful renowned wines.

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Alpine Wine Regions of Italy

Lombardy is one of the most mountainous Italian wine regions and it is famous for the production of sparkling wines of Franciacorta. In alpine and at the same time Mediterranean Alto Adige you can taste high mineral Pinot Gris and Chardonnay in a picturesque landscape, as well as the dry South Tyrolean specialty: Gewürztraminer. For the reds, it is the indigenous varieties Vernatsch and Lagrein. Especially these spicy red wines go well with hearty snacks - Vesperplatte, after an extended tour in this beautiful landscape.  The neighboring Trentino is the home of the Chardonnay, which provides the basis for the very good bottle-fermented sparkling wine Trento DOC.

Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy Wine Country
Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy wine country

Lombardy region is largely known for Franciacorta sparkling wine and red Valtellina. However, you will also discover hidden places of viticulture and winemaking, where wines mainly come from family-owned, artisan wineries that offer wine tastings and tours. Explore the region of Lombardy and discover its territory blessed with mountain valleys, spectacular lakes, and earthy delicious cuisine.


Santa Maddalena, Alto Adige, Italy Wine Country
Santa Maddalena, Alto Adige, Italy wine country

The exceptional scenario of the Trentino-Alto Adige region offers a wide range of landscapes: majestic white peaks, forests, wide valleys, rivers and lakes and enchanting plays of light between the peaks of the Dolomites. Both Mediterranean and alpine lightness give the cities of Bolzano and Merano an irresistible charm. The exquisite wines of the region are known far beyond the borders.

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Veneto The Home of Famous Prosecco

Veneto, of course, stands for the wonderful sparkling Prosecco, which already brings with it the longing for Italy wine country. Since 2009, Prosecco is no longer the name for the grape variety, but the growing region and is limited to 5 provinces and Friuli. Wine can be called Prosecco only if the vines of the Glera variety come from these areas. Veneto is also known for the Valpolicella region, which operates its own vinification process. The unique Amarone is made from the grape varieties Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. A powerful wine made from dried grapes but it is dry because it is fully fermented.

Vineyards Of Veneto, Italy Wine Country
Vineyards of Veneto, Italy wine country

Veneto region is one of the most important among all the Italian wine regions. Venetian wines bring history and character to the table. Besides, the region that has a thousand faces offers its cultural and natural treasures to be discovered. Started with Venice that attracts millions every year, finished to little fairytale towns and cities with sublime cathedrals and charming waterways.

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Tuscany - From traditional Tuscan wines to Super Tuscans

Tuscany wine region located between the Apennines and the Tyrrhenian Sea is the of the most popular Italian wine regions. Moreover, the cultural landscapes of Tuscany represent the image of the Italian dream.

A long carpet of hills spreads from the northern to the southern border, full of medieval villages and covered with ever-green Mediterranean macchia. The soils are dry, stony, and barren - the ideal base for the Sangiovese grape. It is the most important growing region in Italy wine country. World-famous DOCGs such as Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, and Bolgheri, come from Tuscany. While the Sangiovese is traditionally cultivated inland, it tends to produce too much sugar and consequently too much alcohol on the coast in the Maremma and Bolgheri. So, you also grew international varieties to soften the rustic. However, these were not approved for DOC wines and so they came onto the market as Vini da Tavola, the lowest quality level from which today's IGTs emerge, which nowadays include the prestigious Super Tuscans.

Lanscapes Of Tuscany, Italy Wine Country
Lanscapes of Tuscany, Italy wine country

Vineyards and olive grooves reaching distant rolling hills dotted with farmhouses and castles, ancient roads lined by cypress trees! is this that appears in your Tuscan dream? Have you dreamed about riding a Vespa on Tuscan hills?

Then, let me tell you, this is not a dream, Tuscany has all of it to offer! world-known wines, refined gastronomy, rich history, and cultural heritage, in which Romans and Etruscans left their mark.

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"Super Tuscans" - Unlawful, Revolutionary Wines

One who knows Italian bureaucracy especially in viticulture and winemaking would guess that changing rules in Italy is not an easy task. However, In the 1970s several winemakers in Tuscany started a revolution in winemaking. The first step was the release of Sassicaia by Mario Incisa Della Rocchetta and later followed by famous Antinori with wines TignanelloSolaia, Ornellaia etc. Winemakers went against the regulations and traditions by using international grape varieties in these wines. And even though wines had superior quality, they were still classified as Table Wines(Il vino da Tavola). When the international press had to write about these unlawful wines, describing them as 'Il vino da Tavola', was not right at all. This is how the term “Super Tuscan” was born.

The South of Italy Wine Country

Sea, sun and a lot of good wine


Marche is located in the eastern part of Italy wine country, between the Adriatic sea and Apennine mountains. In Marche, the Verdicchio is the figurehead: a full-bodied wine with delicate fruit and fine acidity. The second important wine is red, the Rosso Conero, which is made from the Montepulciano grape and has opulent fruit aromas,

Tenuta Di Tavignano, Marche, Italy Wine Country
Tenuta di Tavignano, one of our local partner wineries in Marche, Italy wine country

Marche is characterized by the hilly, mountainous landscape and sandy beaches. However, if you move further inland you will discover the beauty of its countryside, dotted by medieval villages, Olive trees, and vineyards spreading on the hills.

Have a look at the list of wine tastings & tours in Marche to experience this region fully together with locals!



This long and narrow piece of land with over 800 km of coastline forms the heel of Italy’s “boot”. Puglia, one of the most authentic Italian wine regions, borders with BasilicataCampania and Molise regions. Who wants to experience an authentic Italy as well as try distinctive wines, Puglia is right here. Puglia stands for the well-known Primitivo and Negroamaro, but also offers two less well-known indigenous varieties in the north of the area: Aglianico and Uva di Troia.

Rural Landscape Of Puglia, Italy Wine Country
Rural landscape of Puglia, Italy wine country

Seduced by timeless dolce vita, sandy beaches with blue water, divine food and wine, culture and history and so much more, thousands, if not millions, choose Puglia for an authentic Italian experience.

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Abruzzo region is located on the east coast of Adriatic sea and best known for its Montelpuciano wine, which provides complex and rich aromas. The biggest part of Abruzzo territory is covered with national parks and nature reserves. 

Countryside Landscape Of Abruzzo, Italy Wine Country
Countryside landscape of Abruzzo, Italy wine country

Abruzzo still has plenty of undiscovered places. It can take you to an unexpected experience, which is somehow still hidden next to already worn touristic highlights of Italy. Don't underestimate, if you don't see about this region in the famous tourist guidebooks. Better to discover it through its diverse landscape, heritage places and of course local gastronomy paired with world-renowned wines...

Have a look ar wine tastings & tours in Abruzzo region, choose your favourite and discover more about this hidden land!


Some of the best white and red wines from the south come from the hinterland of Naples. The red Taurasi (grape variety Aglianico) grows in the Irpinia, which results in a very powerful, robust, and long-lived wine. In addition to beautiful coastlines and forests that invite you to hike, Calabria offers many simple wines but also excellent ones. The red ones are made from Gaglioppo and the white ones from the old Mantonico vine.

Countryside Of Calabria With Olive Groves, Italy Wine Country
Countryside of Calabria with olive groves, Italy wine country

Olive and orange groves, vineyards stretching on the hills make the Calabrian landscape characteristic and unique. Calabria has more than 700 kilometres of coastline and is situated between two seas: the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. For nature lovers and beachgoers, it is a true paradise.

Winemaking traditions of Calabria go back to Ancient Greek times, who brought first vines here. Testimony of Greek-Calabrian relationship is Ciro wine. Some legends say that Greek gods were consuming this Ciro during Olympic games. Ciro is still made in the same way as it was during ancient times.

Check the list of wine tastings & tours in Calabria and enjoy Calabrian wine as Greek gods.


The Island Paradise of Wine Country Italy


Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean, invites you to swim with their beautiful, fine sandy beaches. The biggest scenic attraction of Sicily is surely Mount Etna, which provides a breath-taking backdrop. On this volcanic soil, vines are planted that produce great wines. The best and most common red grape variety is the Nero d’Avola, which is characterized by notes of jam, leather, and liquorice. Etna is also home to other local red varieties such as Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio, as well as salty white wines from Carricante.

Landscape With Vineyards In Etna Volcano Region With Mineral-rich Lava Soil On Sicily, Italy Wine Country
Landscape with vineyards in Etna volcano region with mineral-rich lava soil on Sicily, Italy wine country

Spectacular landscapes, magnificent baroque buildings, fusion food at its best paired with delicious wine – and in the midst of it all, several fire-breathing divas. There is something going on in the Mediterranean island and its little sisters! But that does not mean tourist hordes, no, in Sicily you can still enjoy a relaxed holiday – or go on a wild explorer tour. Andiamo!

Wineries in Sicily offer big diversity of wine tastings & tours. Choose your favourite winery and discover mineral wines from Vulcano land.


Sardinia not only comes with light, fresh white wines from the Vermentino and Nuragus varieties, but also rich reds from the Cannonau and Carignano varieties, which go wonderfully with the rustic Sardinian cuisine and which you can enjoy in a beautiful landscape.

Cala Chipolla, One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Chia, Sardinia, Italy
Cala Chipolla, one of the most beautiful beaches of Chia, Sardinia, Italy

Come, discover mountain peaks, snow-white beaches, and emerald green waters of Sardinia. The homemade pastas, delightful peppercorn-filled Pecorino cheese, and bright, fruit-forward red wines are part of the culinary splendour you will experience on this island. Come along to explore the best-kept secret and one of the most exquisite wine regions of Italy wine country.

The big diversity of wine tastings and tours offered by our local partner wineries will help you to discover the best island wines.

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Frequently asked questions about Italy wine country

How many wine regions are in Italy?

There are 20 main Italian wine regions, from Lombardy to the north of the country to the southernmost Calabria and two islands the Sicily and Sardinia. All of these regions produce wine to some extent, and they contain various sub-regions and appellations.

What is the largest wine producing region in Italy?

Italy was the leading producer of wine in 2020 and had the highest export volume of wine in that year, at 20.8 million hectoliters. According to the research, Veneto is the largest wine-producing area in Italy, producing 10.9 million hectoliters of wine.

What is the most famous Italian wine?

Italy has numerous great wines for every occasion, among the most famous wines are Chianti, Barolo, Franciacorta, and Barbaresco. However, some grapes like Nero d'Avola, Fiano, Sagrantino, and Teroldego are specific just to Italy. So, wines from these grapes are truly Italian in flavour. This distinction makes Italian wine famous all over the world.

What is the best Italian red wine?

Barolo and Barbaresco are considered to be on the top of the list. They are both produced in Piedmont and come from the Nebbiolo grape. Barolo is even considered to be the king of wines and Barbaresco to be the queen to the king.

Which Italian wine region makes the best wine?

Wine is an integral part of Italy’s culture, and it is a top destination for wine lovers. Veneto, Tuscany, and Piedmont are to top 3 wine regions that produce high-quality Italian wines.

What is a traditional Italian wine?

Most classic Italian wines include Barolo and Barbaresco made from Nebbiolo grape variety, Chianti and Chianti Classico made from Sangiovese grapes, and Nero d'Avola wine.

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