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Clare Valley Wine Region

Five-Star Wineries, Cottages, and Gourmet Picnic are waiting for you

The Clare Valley wine region, one of South Australia's leading wine areas, is home to some of the world's most acclaimed Rieslings. Take a two-hour trip from Adelaide Lake to Clare Valley to feast your eyes on lovely coastlines. Take photos of Lake Bumbunga's white and pink colours on your trip to regional restaurants. Spend some time bushwalking and wine tasting at the famed Trestrail Cottage. Knappstein Wines, one of the region's most outstanding wineries, should not be missed by those looking to immerse themselves in the region's rich wine tradition. It boasts the best grape plots where guests can plan a picnic while appreciating the gorgeous views with a bottle of Riesling

We invite you to explore the superb wines that have made Clare Valley a favourite among wine lovers worldwide. Explore our website to learn about the Wineries in Clare Valley and how to make the most of this beautiful region. Learn more about Clare Valley Wine Tasting and Tours.

Clare Valley

Where is the Clare Valley Wine Region?

The Clare Valley wine area is located in South Australia's Mid North, roughly 142 kilometers north of Adelaide. 

Unique terroir of Clare Valley appellation

There are five wine-growing regions in Clare Valley, including Watervale, Polish Hill River, Clare, Auburn, and Sevenhill. Each town has its own soil type, ranging from broken slate in Polish Hill River to limestone red in Watervale - in total, Clare Valley contains 11 different types of soil. As a result, each wine area produces distinct wine types, ranging from light and delicate to deep and strong. Throughout the summer, the temperature is hot and dry, with cold evenings that slow the ripening of grapes, which is beneficial for varietals like Riesling. Winters have the most rainfall with the least amount of sunshine, resulting in berries with concentrated tastes and aroma.

History of Clare Valley wine region

The Clare Valley has been producing wine for nearly 160 years, with the first grapes planted in the early 1840s. Today, the area has more than 35 cellar doors, each with its own style of winemaking.

What is Clare Valley Wine?

Clare Valley produces around 21,500 tonnes of grapes per year - which may not seem like a lot compared to other Australian wine-growing regions - it's most well known for its high quality but small result. The wines of this region have been receiving international recognition for the last few decades. Despite staying true to the region's roots, producers continue experimenting with new vineyards and new styles of wine. 

The Clare Valley is well-known for its Rieslings and world-class reds such as Shiraz and Cabernet. Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Semillon, Mourvedre, Grenache, Tempranillo, and Malbec are among the other varieties.

Clare Valley's hallmark wine is Riesling. It's famous worldwide for being light, fresh, and zesty with lime tastes, making it age for years. Shiraz is full-flavoured in general, with overtones of blackberry, spice, and mint. Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark, deep wine with black cherry characteristics. They're frequently mixed with Shiraz to create the blend of powerful and distinctively Australian Shiraz Cabernet.

Food to Pair with Clare Valley wine

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Places to visit in Clare Valley 

Lake Bumbunga, A Place Like From Another Planet

The vivid pink coastline of Lake Bumbunga is difficult to miss as you drive along the highway north of Adelaide. It's not an uncommon sight in this area of the world. A salt lake famed for its periodic colour variations, the region has been mined for salt since 1881 and draws many tourists.  This lake is one of the most beautiful pink lakes in the world and truly a place that will pamper the soul of nature lovers.

Coober Pedy, Place With Hotels Tucked Inside Hills

Coober Pedy is the place where you may rest well after your amazing underground journey. The subterranean mining town is famed for its sun-baked lunar environment, rich history, and peculiar culture and has served as the setting for several films. Descend beneath the ground to find a maze of underground dwellings, hotels, and businesses. Exciting places to discover while you are in the town are Umoona Opal Mine and Museum, Crocodile Harry's Underground Nest, Josephine's Gallery, and Kangaroo Orphanage.

Clare Valley Walk, Little Piece of Tuscany in Australia

The Clare Valley, sometimes known as Australia's Tuscany, is filled with rustic villages and antique stone buildings surrounded by vineyards. From exposed ridge lines with endless vistas to Vineyards, Villages, and a surprising quantity of Native Australian Bush, the region offers a spectacular walking experience. You also naturally pass a lot of wineries and restaurants that have won several awards along the road.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clare Valley

What wines in Clare Valley?

Clare Valley wine region is famed for its  award winning Riesling, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Why is Clare Valley good for Riesling?

Clare Valley is a fantastic wine location for producing unbeatable Rieslings due to its distinctive climate, which includes hot and dry summers, cool evenings, and alluvial soil, as well as 10 other soil types.

How many wineries are there in Clare Valley?

Clare Valley wine region is one of the small wine regions of Australia and has about 30 wineries. 

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Just getting started on your wine journey, or jumping back in?
Taste through a selection of a great local wines.

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