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Attica is a sub-region of Central Greece. It is a historical and sophisticated part of Greece. It has become famous for it's high grade wines that are known throughout the world. Try these excellent Greek wines during your stay in Central Greece. Much like how Attica wine region is known for producing a different style of wine than a region in France, Attica’s signature style cannot be found anywhere else in Greece. This is because of the soil types, grape varieties and winemaking techniques all utilized there to produce those distinctive wines.

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Where is the Attica Wine Region

Attica is on the edge of the Aegean Sea, north of the Peloponnese peninsula. The district is home to the city of Athens, Greece.

History of Attica Wine

The Attika region features in many Greek myths, including the story of Dionysus and Icarius from 2000 years ago. The ancient god of wine told Icarius about how to make wine and ever since then it's been hailed as one of the first winemaking regions! Unfortunately, it turns out that when Icarius tried to share his gift with his people, They thought he had poisoned them because they weren't used to being drunk. He was therefore sentenced to death.

Terrior of Attica

Attika has a hot, dry climate, with very low rainfall. The high sun and high temperatures mean that grapes ripen quickly. Retaining acidity can be a problem for producers in Attika. Sandy, gravelly soils with low natural fertility provide a well drained base for vineyards. The terroir of this region has given rise to the style of wines made. The Savatiano variety, which is more resistant to drought, dominates vineyards and contributes to the production of Retsina wine.

Attica Wine Characteristics 

For centuries, Greece has been producing a wine called Retsina. To make this resinated wine, pine resin is added to the grape must before fermentation. The result is a dry white wine with a pungent taste of pine resin.The process of making Retsina is a pretty fascinating one. For starters, the amphora traditionally used to make wine often had a coating of resin on the inside to make it airtight. Prior to the advent of airtight barrels, locals had developed a taste for the resinated wines and continued to make them.While there aren't any officially "designated" regions in Attika, the Retsina wines are labeled as "appellation by tradition" in Greek wine law. More traditional examples can have a more resinous taste that don't often make it outside of the tavernas in Attika. Some modern Greek wines are using varieties such as Roditis and Assyrtico grapes and producing wines that have lower levels of resin. Some international grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are also grown in Attika, particularly in the mountainous north of the region. Here, higher altitudes provide a cooler terroir for grape growing.

Food to pair with Attica Wine

1. Païdakia

Lamb chops are traditionally cooked throughout Greece and usually eaten as part of the main meal. They are usually marinated in various combinations of olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh herbs before being cooked which gives the dish a lighter flavour. They are commonly paired with potatoes, salads or the refreshing tzatzikisauce.

2. Dakos

Dakos or ntakos is a traditional dish consisting of a dry barley rusk called paximadi that is topped with crumbled myzithra cheese, chopped ripe tomatoes, whole olives, capers, fresh oregano, and a few generous splashes of high-quality olive oil. We recommend using olive varieties such as Koroneiki, Lianes, and Tsounates. Myzithra cheese is typically used; and is not feta that is usually reserved for tourist restaurants. The rusk is also rubbed with a small piece of garlic every now and then, just to add a little sweetness. If available, kritamo (sea fennel) is also sometimes added to dakos. The dish is usually served as a meze or light dinner and it pairs well with Attica wines.

3. Keftedakia

Flavorful, fluffy, and tender keftedakia are Greek meatballs made from a combination of ground pork and beef, eggs, stale bread or breadcrumbs, and seasonings such as dill. The mixture is shaped into small balls which are then cooked in either broth or oil. Their round shape makes them ideal for consumption as appetizers or a main course. It is recommended to top the meatballs with some butter and a squeeze of lemon. This dish goes well with Attica wines.

Places to visit near Attica

1. Athens Highlights: a Mythological Tour

Discover Athens architecture through tales from the Greek gods and heroes on a tour that blends both the ancient buildings and mythology. At Athens Acropolis Tours your guide takes care of the navigation and gives you factual information about Ancient Greek Society. It’s a great way for tourists of all ages to get an introduction to what ancient Greece is all about, from the temples of Zeus, Hephaestus, and other gods or heroes.

2. Luxury Catamaran Cruise from Athens

You will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a luxury catamaran cruise along the Athenian Riviera. Stroll along the picturesque coastline, bask in our Greek sun, drink with unlimited refills and enjoy a delicious barbecue - all for one of the most memorable holidays. Choose a morning or sunset tour, depending on when you want to swim, snorkel, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

3. Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon

If you choose to take public transport, you'll have to navigate a relatively long bus journey with multiple stops. Cape Sounion is obviously a lot more difficult to reach without a car. This half-day tour is a great way to see the Cape of Promeidon because it's a small group tour with air conditioned minivans and with enough time for admiring the ruins and admiring the Aegean Sea views. We offer departures to see sunset or sunrise at Temple of Pomeidon.

Frequently asked questions about Attica Wine Region

Is Attica famous for wine?

Yes, Attica is famous for wine. Attica is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and also has a variety of rich soils. It is blessed with high mountains and a friendly sun which help contribute to its excellent wines.

What are the principal grape variety in Attica?

The principal grape variety in Attica is Savatiano.

What kind of wine is retsina wine?

Retsina is made in Greece for centuries and has been aged, dry white wine which is flavoured with pine resin, giving it a strong taste of kind.

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