Tamta Bankanashvili

Tamta is from Georgia, like wine itself. She is a young tourism professional and wine lover. She has completed her M.A. in Planning and Management of Tourism Systems at the University of Bergamo in Italy and recently received her WSET level 3 award in wines with a proud distinction.

Niklas Ridoff

Our CEO Niklas is the ultimate wine enthusiast. Niklas has a soft spot for white Riojas, mineral-rich Sicilian wines, and peppery Greek reds.

Andrii Savchenko

Andrii started his path in wine as a cavist (sommelier working in the wine store) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Later he completed a Master's Degree in Wine Tourism commonly referred to as WINTOUR Programme, and delivered jointly by 3 universities in Spain, France & Portugal. To gain practical expertise, during his studies Andrii undertook a winemaking internship in Mallorca.
Andrii believes that the best way to spread the wine culture is by building a strong online network and multidimensional digital presence.

Mari Abramishvili

Mari is a Content Writer from the homeland of wine – Georgia. She loves researching new topics and discovering interesting wine-related facts.

Laura Seidanova

Laura is a wine enthusiast from Kazakhstan. She loves taking pictures, meeting new people and enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends.

Francesca Lamantea

"Born and raised in Emilia-Romagna like Lambrusco itself. There’s only one thing better than writing about wine, it’s actually drinking wine! "

Brianne  Cohen

Brianne Cohen is a Los Angeles-based certified sommelier, event producer, wine educator, writer, and judge.

Mariam Khundadze

Mariam is a content creator and wine enthusiast from Georgia with international experience. She loves what she does writing, reading books, watching films, travelling, and pairing all that with a glass of wine is million times better.

Tinatin Enukidze

Coming from Georgia, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world, Tinatin´s life mission has become to help Old World Wine regions innovate and compete in the modern world, without losing their traditions and centuries of ''savoir faire''. She believes that demystifying wine is an intrinsic part of her mission, and she would not see a more successful match than joining us in this common pursuit!

Darya  Boronilo

Darya has a background in business & communications topped by 6 foreign languages in her pocket. She gained vast international expertise in wine tourism through the joined Master's degree in France, Portugal and Spain. She has also spent two months in Palermo and Tuscany dedicating herself to the discovery of Italian gastronomy and wine pairing. She has recently completed a two months advanced sensory analysis course on wines and food pairing at the University of la Laguna, Tenerife. In addition, Darya got practical skills through her internships in wine consulting, winemaking and regional wine tourism development. With her love for creativity and her talent for travel writing Darya is contributing her knowledge by creating content about some of the most unique and undiscovered regions of the wine world such as the Canary Islands and Kazakhstan, her home country.

Matteo Falferi

Italian roots with a nordic soul, Matteo divides his life between Italy and Sweden. Wine has always been a family passion and with a university background in both tourism and humanities, Matteo would like to explore the meeting point between literature and enology. You can usually find him with his nose in a book and a pen in hand, spending time with animals in the peace of nature.