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Slovenia Wine Country

Slovenia wine country that produces a wide range of wines, went through a dynamic development of the wine scene in recent years. Today, the country skilfully dares to cross the border between tradition and modernity.

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About Slovenia Wine Country

The Slovenian wine tradition began 2,400 years ago with the Celts, who cultivated the first vines there. Winegrowing also flourished under the Romans, and Slovenian wines were even praised by wine author Pliny. In later times, the affiliation to Austria-Hungary was particularly noticeable: Austrian winegrowers produced the wines for the noble houses in different Slovenian wine regions.

With the advent of phylloxera, almost all vines were destroyed. Only when independence was obtained in 1991 did a rapid and positive development of viticulture begin again. Nowadays more and more medals and prizes are being collected in international competitions.

Wine Tourism in Slovenia

Wine tourism in Slovenia is represented by small, family-owned boutique wineries in three major Slovenian wine regions. During your wine trip to the country, you can experience charming countryside landscapes, stunning natural and cultural heritage together with local mouthwatering cuisine.


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Optimal Climatic Conditions for High-Quality Viticulture

The climate in Slovenia is influenced by the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. The diversity of the geological and climatic conditions ensures an enormous variety of wine styles that Slovenia wine country produces. The climate in the country, guarantees sufficient rainfalls in spring, followed by warm summers. This gives the grapes plenty of sun and enables them to reach ideal ripeness levels that are important for quality wines. If long Slovenian autumn follows with a lot of sunshine, the best conditions for unique quality wines exist. There are around 52 different grape varieties cultivated in Slovenia wine country on a total of 16,300 hectares of vineyards, out of which three-quarters are white grape varieties. The country's winemakers rely primarily on Western European varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Riesling. As well as Traminer or Pinot Gris wines are also becoming increasingly popular. The remaining 25% red varieties are made up of Refosco, Merlot, and sometimes also Blaufränkisch.

Slovenian Wine Regions - Three Large Wine-Growing Areas

Today Slovenia is divided into three large cultivation areas. Slovenian wine regions, Podravska(Drava Valley), Primorska on Adriatic Coast, and Posavska(Sava Valley), express diversity in the wines they produce.

Podravska Wine Region

Podravska-Slovenian Wine Region


Podravska is especially known for unique white wines from Furmint or Welschriesling. Traminer and Chardonnay grapes are also very important here. Besides unique wines, the Podravska wine region attracts visitors for its historic heritage. Come and discover one of the largest and oldest classical wine cellars in Europe that boast 2.1 km long underground passages and taste local wines.

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Primorska Wine Region

Primorska-Slovenian Wine Region


Primorska is one of the most developed and well-known Slovenian wine regions. The region has strong Italian influence, which is expressed not only in viticulture and winemaking but also in its language, cultural traditions, architecture, and gastronomy.

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In the Adriatic coast, too, Chardonnay is used alongside Sauvignon Blanc. However, excellent Merlot and Pinot Noir red wines are also produced here. A traditional Slovenian red wine from this area is the Teran from Refosco grapes that provide a high acidity.  

Posavska Wine Region

Posavska-Slovenian Wine Region


Posavska wine region, in the southern part of Slovenia, is famous for the production of  Cviček wine. Cviček is a blend of red and white wines and it is characterized by low alcohol level. Visit the Posavska wine region and discover unique wine that Slovenians are proud of.

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Posavska region, which is also known as Sava Valley, is located in the south of the Slovenia wine country, on the border with Croatia. The region mainly produces table wines that are consumed on the domestic level. Slovenian Istria is known for its juicy white wines from the Malvazija grape variety, red wine lovers will get their money's worth with the spicy red Refošk. The Teran wine that grows in the karst region is even darker and more substantial, where the iron oxide-containing terra rossa soils give it a particularly fiery taste.


Frequently asked questions about Slovenia wine country

Is Slovenia an Old World wine?

Yes, Slovenia is an old world wine country. Winemaking in Slovenia appeared around the 4th century BC.

Which is the best wine in Slovenia?

Teran is one of the most famous Slovenian wines.

Does Slovenia have good wine?

Yes, Slovenia has good wines. It been acknowledged as one of the top wine-producing countries in the world.

How many vineyards are there in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, there are 28 000 vineyards.

What is the best time to visit Slovenia wine country?

September is the best time to visit Slovenia.

What is orange wine in Slovenia?

In the 90s a group of Slovenian farmers decided to return to traditional methods of winemaking. They started to grow their grapes organically and produced macerated white wines, commonly known as orange wines in the UK and USA. These wines are made from white grapes but vinified like red wines.

What are the main wine regions in Slovenia?

Slovenia has three main wine regions: Primorska (Littoral), Posavje (Lower Sava), and Podravje (Drava). Primorska is located in the western part of the country and is known for its coastal vineyards and the production of high-quality white wines, particularly from the indigenous grape variety called Rebula. Posavje is situated in the southeast and is famous for its crisp white wines and sparkling wines. Podravje, located in the northeast, is renowned for its aromatic white wines, including the well-known variety called Šipon (also known as Furmint).

Are there any notable wine routes or wine trails in Slovenia?

Slovenia offers several wine routes and trails that allow visitors to explore the wine regions and vineyards. The "Primorska Wine Route" in western Slovenia takes you through the picturesque vineyards of Goriška Brda and Vipava Valley. The "Styrian Wine Routes" in the Podravje region offer an opportunity to explore the vineyards and wine cellars of Štajerska Slovenija. Additionally, there are wine routes in other regions like Dolenjska and Posavje, where visitors can discover local wineries and taste the wines.

Is wine tourism popular in Slovenia?

wine tourism is growing in popularity in Slovenia. The country's scenic landscapes, diverse wine regions, and warm hospitality make it an attractive destination for wine enthusiasts. Visitors can take guided tours of wineries, participate in tastings, explore vineyards, and learn about the winemaking process. Many wineries offer wine-pairing experiences, cellar visits, and the opportunity to meet winemakers.

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