Internship opportunities in wine tourism is the largest global marketplace where our visitors can book wine tourism experiences all around the world. Already more than 3500 wineries from 45 countries have joined our website. We are continually accepting applications for internships to share our knowledge on how to stay creative and efficient in the digital environment of the wine industry.

We are looking for you!

Our internships are remote meaning that you can work merely from any part of the world just with your laptop. Feel ready to try yourself in one of the abovementioned domains? Click the button below to submit your CV and we will come back to you to schedule the interview.

Digital Marketing Intern (Spring 2023)

SEO, SMM, Paid Ads

Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, Paid Ads) - Spring 2023

Our team of digital mindshapers will lead you through the most efficient concepts which are used nowadays to increase website ranking in search engines, boost social media presence and convert impressions into actions.

Content Creator Intern

Content Writing, Visual Design, Industry Research

Content Creation (Content Writing, Visual Design, Industry Research)

Good at wine culture? Geography geek? Enjoy working with visual editors? Feel aspired to share your thoughts in blog-format? If any of these questions got you thinking "Yes", join us and we will guide you how to market your hobbies.

Communications Intern

Partner Affiliation, Customer Success Management, Customer Behavior

Communications (Partner Affiliation, Customer Success Management, Customer Behavior)

Business relations require high professionalism. Wineries, wine tour guides, associations, sommeliers, enotourists – efficient communication is the key for the brand image. Become part of our communication team if you feel ready to accept the challenge.

What do we expect from you?

  • The ability to communicate and write well in English
  • An additional European language (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German etc.) is desirable
  • A proactive attitude and an eagerness to learn more is a must! You will get out of the internship what you put into it.
  • Preferably you will be completing a Bachelor’s or Master's program in wine tourism or a related field (wine business / enology / digital marketing / tourism / international management)
  • You are available for full-time internship for at least 3 months (full-time or part-time)

We are ready to teach you skills that will be invaluable for your future career in both the wine and digital marketing industry.

Words from our CEO

The goal of the internship is for you to leave with a sense of accomplishment in what you have contributed to the business and how you have grown professionally.
This is not a passive internship. You will be put into the business tasks from day one with real responsibility. You will be given more complex tasks across the business as you progress. It is your responsibility to show drive and initiative and growth. Conversely, it is our duty to provide you the opportunities and support to achieve this growth.
We have a welcoming and inclusive team, and I am confident you will have a great time with us.

Niklas Ridoff - Niklas Ridoff

What do our previous interns say?


Andrii Savchenko

Intern intake: Summer 2021

How was your internship?

Learning marketing and wine communication in the university is fun and exciting but you are limited in applying these instruments. Thus during the master's I decided to accomplish an internship in It was a momentum of growth in my professional path: the team guided me through different aspects of online marketing and now I feel confident to lead marketing campaigns in the digital environment.

Yue Chang

Yue Chang

Intern intake: Summer 2022

How was your internship?

Interning with a professional and motivated team often brings more than just experience.
Here I had the opportunity to learn and use many practical digital marketing tools, and participate in hands-on projects. Whether you need help with analytical methods or promotion ideas, colleagues are always there for you.
It has opened up my horizons. Towards the wine tourism industry, I now have more profound thoughts, and the ability to dig deeper into those thoughts.

Eter Gorgiladze

Eter Gorgiladze

Intern intake: Summer 2021

How was your internship? is a perfect place for learning more about various wine regions around the world. The team is an international and multicultural working environment making the internship even more attractive. You can try out different fields related to wine tourism during the practice, which is important for young professionals to find their niche for future career development.

General terms of the internships

Besides the aspects mentioned above, we provide our internships under the following general conditions:

  • Internships are not financially reimbursed by If you have funding available through other programs these can of course be applied.
  • The internship must have a duration of at least 3 months. In our experience, this is the minimum time necessary for you to develop and progress far enough in the internship for it to generate long-term value, both for you the intern, and for us as a business.
  • The internship is fully digital. This means we do not accept physical interns to our office. The simple reason for this is that our whole structure is digital and there is no main office to begin with. All work is done remotely from whatever location you are residing in. Don’t worry, we have a great digital culture and you will quickly feel part of the team!

Academic Research

We are open to collaborating with universities to do research in wine tourism together.

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