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Portugal Wine Country

The peculiarity of Portugal wine country lies in the many local and indigenous grape varieties. The wine country counts about 250 grape varieties that can be found in different Portuguese wine regions. This variety is an enormous strength of Portuguese viticulture. Nevertheless, the winemakers also rely on French grape varieties, which make it easier to meet the international wine taste. A field of tension from which wine lovers can only benefit.

Portuguese viticulture experienced a decisive impulse in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Cistercians founded numerous monasteries in the country and brought their wine understanding to Portugal.

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Wine Tourism in Portugal

Portugal wine country has a long-lasting history of winemaking. The best way to fully experience winemaking traditions and culture is to visit the regions and taste these excellent wines firsthand in an authentic setting. Portuguese wine regions from north to south will host you to experience Portuguese hospitality. However, Vinhos Verde, Duoro and Alentejo regions are where you will find a large number of wine tourism experiences. Explore Portuguese wine regions with us and discover what the country has to offer.

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Explore Portuguese Wine Regions

In Portugal wine country, as in France, Spain, and Italy, there is the quality level of the Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC) or as it is called from now, Denominação de Protegida (DOP). For a better understanding of the Portugal wine country, one should dive into Portuguese wine regions. There are exactly 14 of them and within these wine regions are the 31 DOP areas. The wines that do not meet the DOP requirements are called Vinho Regional (VR) and correspond to the more common IGP requirements. Explore wine regions of Portugal from breathtaking landscapes to Duoro Valley and world-renowned Port wines to the countryside of Alentejo which holds the living tradition of Talha wine production in ancient amphoras and many more in between.

Portugal Wine Map

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Vinho Verde – The Green Garden of Eden

Ad-wines-Vinho Verde Wine Region

One of the most important wines in Portugal, Vinho Verde, comes from the north of the country. The "green" is available in a red and green version. The more well-known one is the white one and is almost a ‘national drink’ in Portugal wine country. It is a light, carbonated fresh wine with only 8.5 to 10.5% vol, which is the perfect companion for a freshly caught fish in one of the beautiful restaurants on the coast and due to its lightness, the wine can be drunk with lunch.

The Vinho Verde wine region is the perfect location for those who love wine and nature. Lost yourself in the natural beauty of Portugal wine country and enjoy the flavours of young, refreshing, and floral wines of Vinho Verde.

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The growing area covers the province of Minho from Porto to the Spanish border. The name of the wine does not come from the fact that it is greenish. The area is called Vinho Verde, as this wine region has a cooler climate and is a very rainy area and therefore characterized by very green vegetation. The grape varieties for the wine are varied: Pedernao, Trajadura, Avesso, and Loureiro. The highest quality variety is the Alvarinho grape, which is grown in the far north near Galicia.

Douro Valley - The Best of Portugal Wine Country

deep valleys and gorges, clean and crisp air, terraced vineyards and the clear blue waters of the Douro River


Duoro Valley area is probably one of the most beautiful wine-growing areas and was therefore included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for having an outstanding universal value as a cultural landscape. The valley meanders along the Douro River and provides many beautiful, traditional as well as innovative wineries. A tour of this beautiful valley is a must on a trip to Portugal wine country.

The landscapes of Duoro Valley leaves all who see it completely enraptured by its deep valleys and gorges, clean and crisp air, terraced vineyards and the clear blue waters of the Douro River. The cultural landscape of Alto Douro is protected by UNESCO for having an outstanding universal value.

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The wine terraces are based on the slate soil, which stores the water so that the vines survive the long summer drought well. Red grapes are mainly grown here: Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barocca, Tinta Roriz. Little is known that only half of these grape varieties are used for the production of port wine and the other 50% are vinified as dry still wines.

Terras de Cister- Sparkling and Elegant

South of the Douro is the small but fine wine region Terras de Cister. The word ‘Cister’ is derived from the Cistercians, who were the first to grow wine here. The terrain has its climate with surprisingly cool nights. This makes maturity a little more difficult, but wine lovers are rewarded with very elegant and complex wines. The good acidity of the wines also makes them excellent base wines for sparkling wines. The DOP Távora-Varosa not only offers red and white wines, but also one of the best sparkling wines in the country.

Bairrada and Beira Interior

The Bairrada wine region was one of the pioneers of Portuguese wine regions to produce sparkling wine. Barriada is filled with a selection of excellent small-scale wineries producing a wide range of high-quality wines.


Tradition and modernity come together in the DOCs Bairrada and a promising newcomer is the DOC Beira Interior. Bairrada only became known as an independent region after the Second World War. The Beira Interior region is diverse with very contrasting wine landscapes. While Bairrada lies quite deep and is strongly influenced by the Atlantic climate, the vineyards of the DOC Beira Interior are located in the central Liberian Meseta and are characterized by high mountain landscapes. Here, the vines grow at an average height of 700 m above sea level.

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Beira Interior Portuguese Wine Country

Beira Interior is one of the highest Portuguese wine regions, which creates conditions for the production of crispy, floral, and refreshing wines. The unique wine production methods and the high quality of the wines have made the Beira Interior one of the most well-respected regions of Portugal wine country. Visit the Beira Interior wine region for excellent wines, exquisite natural beauty, and the best of Portuguese local cuisine.

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Dão - Still an Insider Tip

The Dão wine region is surrounded by mountain ranges in the middle of the Portugal wine country. The location creates its microclimate, which is protected from the Atlantic and the continental climate influences. At heights between 400 and 500 meters, the vines stand on broken granite and slate floors. While the summers are dry and warm, the winter turns out to be very cold.

Dao Portuguese Wine Regions

Dão impresses with elegant red wines with structure and complex aromas as well as aromatic fine white wines - mainly from the grape varieties Encruzado, Vertical, and Malvasia. Among the red wines, alongside Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, and Aragones, the Jaen is particularly worth mentioning. This grape variety, known in Spain as Mencía, brings astonishing elegance and complexity into the glass of Dão wines. A true wine-friendly insider tip.

Dão region has a rich ancient heritage, spanning from prehistoric times to the present, with Roman and Medieval traces. The natural beauty, richness and diversity of the local gastronomy alongside the aromatic and balanced wines makes Dão very attractive wine region.

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Estremadura, Tejo and Alentejo

The elegant red wines and fruity white wines from the DOC area along the Tagus are becoming increasingly popular.

Estremadura is the largest wine-growing region in the country with numerous sub-zones. The wine production is as diverse as the region itself and it is dominated by white wines.

Tejo region, located northeast of Lisbon, is one of the most fertile areas in Portugal wine country. There are extensive plains spread over a total of 500,000 hectares. Tagus River offers the best conditions for the development of rich and diverse agriculture. It is no exaggeration to say that the Tagus, with its hilly landscape, transforms the area into a fantastic large garden. The fertile land of Tejo creates conditions to grow a diversity of vegetables, fruits as well as olive trees, cork oaks, and of course, grapes.

Tejo Portuguese Wine Regions

Tejo region is one of the Portuguese wine regions that perfectly showcases the wonderful ability to produce top-quality, premium wines. A trip to Tejo allows everyone to discover the roots of Portuguese viticulture. From rolling vineyards to beath taking natural scenery, endless forests, and rows of olive groves, Tejo provides the perfect wine tourism experience for all visitors.

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Alentejo Portuguese Wine Regions

Alentejo wine region covers more than 30% of Portugal wine country. Not only is it impressive in size but also in its wine production and living tradition of millenary wines of Talha. The region has eight subregions, each boasting a wealth of mouth-watering cuisines,  excellent wine, and tourism experiences that are an absolute pleasure for the senses.

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Algarve- the southernmost point of Portugal

The typical terroir of Algarve includes sandy clay, shale soils, and a Mediterranean climate with an influence of the Atlantic Ocean. This creates favorable conditions for viticulture and the production of high-quality wine. The major towns of Algarve gave names to four wine DOCs of the region: Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa, and Tavira. Arinto, Malvasia Fina, Manteúdo, and Síria are the main white grape varieties used in the production of traditional wines. For the reds Castelão and Negra Mole.

Algarve Portuguese Wine Regions

The Algarve wine region boasts a long coastline with golden sand and crystal clear water. The wilderness of the coast attracts many surfers to enjoy the waves of the ocean. Algarve is the perfect place for adventure lovers, come discover the rocky and cliffy coastlines and aromas and flavors of traditional cuisine paired well with local wines.

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Frequently asked questions about Portugal wine country

What wine is Portugal known for?

Port wine is the most popular and well-known wine originating from the Douro region in northern Portugal.

What's a good Portuguese red wine?

Wines from the Dão region are considered to be full-bodied with plenty of refreshing acidities. Thanks to their graceful nature they are often compared to the wines from the Burgundy region in France.

What is the best wine region in Portugal?

While there are many great wine regions in Portugal, Duoro Valley is considered to be the most famous. It is home to the most famous wine of Portugal, the port wine, and it is also considered to be one of the oldest wine regions in the world. The Duoro Valley was inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

How many wine regions are in Portugal?

Portugal has 14 different wine regions including the Madeira Island and The Azores Archipelago. These wine regions are divided into 31 different DOCs.

Where is the Dão region of Portugal?

Dão region spreads mostly around a river with the same name, the Dão river, it is located in the northern part of Portugal.

Where is the best wine region in Portugal?

The Douro Valley is considered the best wine region in Portugal. Known for its outstanding Port wines, the region's terraced vineyards and unique microclimate produce exceptional red, white, and fortified wines. Its combination of stunning landscapes and top-quality wines makes the Douro Valley a highly sought-after destination for wine lovers.

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