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Ricardo Freitas

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Born in 1987, studied tourism, history and wine. João Koehler live in the Douro Valley and is a...

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Hey I’m a certified sommelier in Portugal, member of the Portuguese Association of Sommeliers....

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In each tour we embark on a journey into the world of wines, how they are made, what their...



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Best Cities to Visit in Portugal

Map Of Portugal's Wineries

How to Reach Wineries in Portugal

Wineries in Portugal are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

To reach the region of Minho, Dao, or Transmontano, the closest airport is in Porto (OPO).

To enjoy Duoro Valley, transportation might take longer, as you should fly into Porto and then take a train to the Duoro Valley.

To reach the regions of Lisbon, Tejo, and Setubal, recommended to use the Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport.

To visit the wineries in Algarve, the closest option is Faro Airport, which is only 5 km away.

The same airport can be used to travel in Alentejo, only 115 km away.

If you travel through Spain, Santiago Airport (SCQ) would be a good option.

By Car

Wineries in Portugal are easily accessible by car. The country has a well-maintained road system. This is why most of them are toll roads. The fare is different depending on the Portuguese or foreign registration.

Below, are some of the main roads to reach the best Wineries in Portugal:
The A1 road can take you all the way from Lisbon to Tejo, Bairrada, Dao, and Vinho Verde.
The A 22 road, covers most of the Algarve Area.
The A2 road connects Algarve to Lisbon.

By Train

If you prefer to use a train to visit the best wineries in Portugal, most destinations around the country can be reached by railway from Lisbon.

The Eurail train system connects Lisbon to Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Faro.

The same destinations can be reached by high-speed or regional trains, you can check out the tickets of Interrail and book in advance.

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Everything you need to know before you take a tour to Portugal

When thinking about visiting wineries in Portugal, the first thing that comes up to our mind is Port wine produced in gorgeous Douro Valley however, wineries in different parts of Portugal produce all sorts of wines from the local grape varieties.

Viticulture in Portugal started 4000 years ago and today, it is home to a big number of local grape varieties. That's why wineries in Portugal have a wealth to produce wines in a wide range of styles from fruity to full-bodied reds, refreshing white wines and renowned fortified wines.

If you are planning to visit wineries in Portugal, you will have to carefully choose where to go first and start looking for the best region for you. There are plenty of unique wineries in Portugal, spread all over the country from Vinho Verde and Douro Valley in the north to Alentejo in the south-east. All wineries in Portugal have their own story to tell, winemaking techniques, and unique wines to offer their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

How many wine producers are in Portugal?

About 4700 wineries can be counted in Portugal.

How many wine regions are in Portugal?

Wineries in Portugal are located in 13 wine regions.

Can you stay at a winery in Portugal?

Some of our partner wineries in Portugal, would be happy to offer accommodation:
1) Quinta Do Piloto
2) Herdade Da Calada
3) Medeiros
4) Turra Wines
5) Monte Da Casteleja

Where are the best wineries in Portugal to taste red wine?

Most of the wineries in Portugal produce amazing red wines.
We would recommend trying Alfrocheiro Preto produced in Dao region.

Where are the best wineries in Portugal to taste white wine?

While visiting the wineries in Portugal, to find the best white wines, visit the Vinho Verde area, and definitely try Alvarinho.

Where are the best wineries in Portugal to taste sparkling wines?

At some of the best wineries of Portugal, you can try the - Espumante, which is a local sparkling wine.
The best Espumante is produced by the vineyards in the Bairrada region.

What are wineries in Portugal called?

In Portugal, wineries are commonly referred to as "quintas." The term "quinta" originally referred to a rural estate or farmstead but has evolved to specifically denote a winery or vineyard. Many of Portugal's renowned wine producers are identified as quintas, reflecting the tradition, heritage, and dedication to winemaking in the country.

What is the wine capital of Portugal?

Porto is widely regarded as the wine capital of Portugal. Situated in the Douro Valley, Porto is famous for its production and historical connection to Port wine. The city offers a range of port wine cellars, a rich wine heritage, and a picturesque setting along the Douro River, making it a top destination for wine enthusiasts.

What is the most famous wine in Portugal?

The most famous wine from Portugal is Port wine. Port wine is a fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley region, specifically in and around the city of Porto. It is known for its rich, sweet flavors and higher alcohol content, resulting from the addition of brandy during fermentation. Port wine has gained international acclaim and is recognized as one of the world's great fortified wines.

What travellers says about Portugal Wineries

Kathryn August 1, 2021
The tour was interesting and the tasting was very good We very much enjoyed the visit to the winery. The tour was interesting and the tasting was very good. Rita was very informative and friendly. Recommended
Gisel & Celestino
Gisel & Celestino July 28, 2021
It's a trip you will never forget Our wine and tasting tour was amazing and the wines are of first class. The gardens at the Quinta are very beautiful and very peaceful. We had a wonderful day and couldn't stop talking about it with our friends over one of the bottles of wines we purchased at Quinta Do Sanguinhal . Our tour guide was truly amazing. She was very knowledgeable and friendly and made our experience unforgettable. We truly give her a rating of more than 10. Our experience with was also very good. It was really easy to book and the website was user friendly.…
Tetsu September 22, 2021
The winetasting was great, I will give “10” point for that The winetasting was great, I will give “10” point for that. We had a wine which was not of our favorite, and the staff brought us another wine, so we tasted +1 wine. Booking was also good, easy.
Sandra and Bob
Sandra and Bob September 22, 2021
I can only say that your arrangements for the tour of Quinta de Santa Cristina was excellent. My wife and I very much enjoyed the time we spent at the winery. The tour guide was very, very good and was fully up to date on his subject. We had a full tour which included a walk around the wine groves. It also included a full tour of the production facilities, including the bottling plant. We sampled several differing wine types and had a light lunch with the sampling. In the end, was purchased 21 bottles of wine. We would give the whole experience 10/10. We like to visit wineries and will be asking you again for suitable…
Peter August 23, 2021
The wine tasting went very well The wine tasting went very well. Rita gave us a nice tour through the vineyard and we tasted 2 wonderful wines. A general remark for the wine tours we have done, is that most of them are oriented towards tourism and not an answer to our needs. We are wine connoisseurs looking for import possibilities. As such we want to understand the full pallet of what a producer has to offer.

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