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Douro Valley Tour: Wine Tastings, Boat Trip & Lunch

Douro Valley Tour: Wine Tastings, Boat Trip & Lunch

Discover the Charms of Portugal on a Guided Wine Tour in Porto and Douro Wine Region

€180.00 Book now
Full-Day Madeira Wine Tour: Vineyards to Cellars, Island Wines

Full-Day Madeira Wine Tour: Vineyards to Cellars, Island Wines

Region Guide:

Guided Wine Tour around the Island in Madeira

€175.00 Book now
Sparkling Wine Route

Sparkling Wine Route

Explore wine cellars, and taste Murganheira or Raposeira sparkling wines and enjoy

€275.00 Book now
Pick-Up in Porto

Pick-Up in Porto

Explore the splendor of the Douro region with picturesque dining experience and wine tasting

€325.00 Book now
Douro Luxury Tour

Douro Luxury Tour

Douro tour: UNESCO site, luxe transport, elite Quintas, wine lunch, private boat

€490.00 Book now
Discover the Douro Valley Experience

Discover the Douro Valley Experience

Embark on a boat ride, a vineyard lunch, a scenic train journey, and wine tasting

€275.00 Book now
One day at Vesuviu!

One day at Vesuviu!

Exploring Porto and its Wines

€700.00 Book now
Wine Tour Vinho Verde

Wine Tour Vinho Verde

A Full Wine Experience

€300.00 Book now
Small Group Wine Tasting Tour from Albufeira

Small Group Wine Tasting Tour from Albufeira

Explore Algarve: wine tasting and cultural tour in Silves

€62.00 Book now
Private Wine Tour Vinho Verde & Douro

Private Wine Tour Vinho Verde & Douro

Discover the Vinho Verde region and Douro valley on a guided tour

€350.00 Book now
Douro Bliss: Indulge in the Valley's Finest

Douro Bliss: Indulge in the Valley's Finest

An immersive journey through Portugal's winemaking heartland, blending breathtaking landscapes with curated tastings and cultural insights.

€250.00 Book now

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Learn about the vibrant food and wine scene in Portugal, a country known for its rich culinary traditions and exceptional wines. Embark on unforgettable food and wine tours in Portugal, where you can indulge in the best gastronomic experiences this country has to offer.

Explore the charming cities of Lisbon, Porto, and Faro, each boasting their own unique flavors and local specialties. In Lisbon, savor the taste of fresh seafood dishes paired with the renowned Vinho Verde, a crisp and refreshing wine. In Porto, delight in the world-famous Port wine, produced from the grapes of the Douro region. And in Faro, immerse yourself in the flavors of the Algarve, known for its delectable seafood and regional wines.

Discover the hidden gems of Portugal's wineries and vineyards, where you can learn about the winemaking process and sample exquisite wines. Don't miss the opportunity to book your food and wine tour in Portugal today and embark on a culinary journey like no other.

What travellers says about Portugal Wine Tours

Catherine Anne
Catherine Anne April 25, 2022
Amazing wine tasting and winery tour I cannot recommend this experience enough. Whilst it is no longer free the experience was certainly value for money, in fact it exceeded my high expectations and surpassed other wine tasting experiences I have had. The winery tour was carried out by the head wine maker (not usual) so knowledgeable. The host (one of the owners) then shared the history of the vineyards and winery. Followed by wine tastings accompanied by food. The host was very accommodating to our vegan diet providing delicious food cooked by her friend and mother. She shared her knowledge of wines and international markets with…
Sally August 5, 2022
Visit to Vinhos Norte We found the visit extremely informative and interesting. The staff were very friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the winery, especially the wine tasting!
Dominic May 30, 2023
no record of reservation When we arrived at the designated time, the Quinta had no knowledge of our appointment. Fortunately I had a screenshot of the confirmation email from you. One of the workers had to call the person who does the tastings and we waited close to an hour before she was available to present the wines. The worker was super friendly and patient with us and explained a lot about their operation. Senora Pinta, the winemaker eventually was available and she was fantastic as a hostess and gave us exceptional experience at this small winery. Maybe you can just make sure they…
john February 5, 2023
Fascinating The tour was interesting, fun and fantastic. Very professional and pleasant and the wines most excellent! Well worth the small cost and time investment.
Paul May 8, 2024
Family of 3 Wonderful!! Loved it! Would come back again.
Asa September 4, 2023
Lovely presentation of the wineyard A great presentation of the Quinta . But not a traditional wine tasting as it was only tasting of 1 wine
Darin April 6, 2023
Wonderful hosts! They were so welcoming and informative. Wonderful experience. The views over the Duoro River were breathtaking.
Maija April 4, 2024
Great introduction to white wines in vinho verde area Nice presentation and tasting of wines, very private, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy access 45min-1h with taxi/Bolt/Uber from Porto.
Andrey August 18, 2022
Recommended! Really enjoyed all, wine testing, tour around the vinery and our own walk around the vineyard. It was beautiful day, good wine and passionate people working with it. Thank you! Recommended!
Elizabeth February 21, 2023
Weekending in Lisbon Rita and one of the wine makers were very helpful with all our questions. Very nice people, intimate setting, and beautiful view. We all loved the wines even though most of us were not red wine drinkers at all. All the reds we tried were very palatable. By far my favorite thing I did during my weekend in Portugal!

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