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Australia Wine Country

Australia wine country is large and wine growing is correspondingly diverse. Australian wine thrives on more than 173,776 hectares and due to the undiminished success, vineyards grow year by year in huge dimensions. The local wines are primarily fruit-driven, i.e. on the fruity side of the aroma spectrum.

The largest growing areas are in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia (South East), and Western Australia (South West), as the climate here is not as hot and dry as in the rest of Australia. The undoubtedly best-known growing areas are without a doubt the Margaret River Wine Region, the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Claire Valleys, and the Swan Valley near Perth.

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Wine Map of Australia

Australia Wine Map
Australia wine map

Australian Wines

Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon as Flagships of Australian wines

Scotsman James Busby, who is often referred to as "the Father of Australian viticulture" built a farm in the Hunter Valley in 1825 and brought seedlings from Europe. Opulent Barossa Shiraz, strong Coonawarra Cabernet, and wood-heavy Chardonnay can be described as figureheads from Down Under. But the elegant wines from the cool Australian wine regions are becoming very popular. Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon are the three main grape varieties from Australia.

Shiraz - The Icon of Australia

Shiraz is the most widely cultivated grape variety in Australia wine country. Shiraz, commonly known as Syrah in old wine countries, is a dark-skinned grape variety originated from the Rhône wine region and grown throughout the world. However, there is another story, telling that Syrah/Shiraz grape variety originates from the city of Shiraz in Persia. Despite different ideas about the origin of Shiraz, today it has adapted to the local Australian climate and soil conditions and also differs from the European Syrah selections.

The Emphasis on the Grape Varieties


Unlike the traditional European wine-growing regions, particularly France, Australia's wines are not an expression of the specific soil and climate (terroir), but an expression of the grape variety. It is therefore not surprising Australian wine regions are making more emphasis on certain grape varieties.

Wine Tourism in Australia

Australia is the 7th largest wine-producing country in the world with 170 000 hectares of vineyards that stretches across four main Australian wine regions: Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Each region offers a diversity of wines and wine tourism experiences. Explore Australian wine regions with us and discover offerings of local wine producers.

Australia wine country is one of the most popular wine tourism destinations in the world. Wineries across different Australian wine regions offer diverse experiences beyond the cellar door. Award-winning wineries offer gastronomic, wine, and adventurous experiences that include tastings, food and wine pairing, cooking classes, outdoor picnics, and many more. Travel to Australian wine regions with us to discover the uniqueness of each region.

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Australian Wine Regions

Australia is the 7th largest wine-producing country in the world with 170 000 hectares of vineyards that stretches across four main Australian wine regions: Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Each region offers a diversity of wines and wine tourism experiences. Explore Australian wine regions with us and discover offerings of local wine producers.

Western Australia- Margaret River and Great Southern

Western Australia is the largest state in the country. However, territories covered with vineyards are only allocated in the southwest part of the state. The most famous wine area in the region is the Margaret River, which is located in the cooler part of Western Australia near the southwest coast. In the northern and eastern parts of the region, the climate is far too hot and dry to support winemaking. In contrast to the majority of the region, the climate in the southwest corner is cool and temperate due to the nearby ocean and coastal breezes, making it near perfect for viticulture.

Domaine-naturaliste-Australian Wine Country
Vineyards of Domaine Naturaliste, one of our partner wineries from Margaret River, Australia wine country

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Because of the cool sea wind, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon express elegance and freshness here. The Sémillons, Sauvignons, and Chardonnays also impress with their crisp fruit and classic varietal aromas. Local climate also supports the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Riesling. Swan Valley, which is located 25 minutes from Perth invites you to explore its local heritage on a wine tour, enjoy family time, and indulge in a rich fusion of award-winning wines, speciality liqueurs, and delicious treats, including olives, cheeses, jams, nuts, and chocolate.

South Australia – Unique Wine Experiences

South Australia, one of the most popular Australian wine regions, is responsible for almost half of the country’s wine production every year. A number of Australia’s most well-known and world-renowned wines are produced here from vines that are 70, 100, or even 150 years old and were still planted by British and German immigrants. Adelaide, the wine capital of Australia, offers around 200 open cellar doors, which makes it the perfect place to explore and learn more about Australian wines.

Gods-hill-scalzi-Australia Wine Country
Vineyard view of God’s Hill Winery, Barossa Valley, South Australia

In addition to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre are also planted and produce a wine called GSM: the first letters of the varieties. The Eden Valley (500 - 600 meters) located northeast of it is one of the best Riesling growing areas in Australia. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are also cultivated there.

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Distinctive Wine-producing Areas of South Australia

McLaren Vale - A Suburb of Adelaide with Great Red Wines

The most important red wine-growing area in Australia is called McLaren Vale, a suburb of Adelaide, the wine-growing town of Australia. It stretches across Reynella, Willunga to Aldings Bach, and stands primarily for Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. Full, opulent wines are produced from these two varieties, which have a structure similar to that of Barossa valley.

Clare Valley

Clare Valley is a green oasis amid the treeless outback, of which 1600 hectares are planted with vines. The region is known for its fresh, white wines full of exotic aromas, including Riesling, due to the cool night climate.

Victoria - Small, Fine and Above All Diverse

Victoria is situated in the southwest of Australia wine country and is the country’s smallest mainland state. The main growing areas of the Victoria wine region are north of Melbourne and mainly in the western part of the state. The area includes the wine-growing regions of Grampians (Great Western), Henty, and the Pyrenees. Melbourne peninsula and Yarra Vally are one of the most attractive wine tourism destinations with high-quality hospitality services. The spectrum of wines ranges from Chardonnays and Pinots based on the Burgundian style to well-structured Shiraz. A specialty is fortified sweet wine in Rutherglen, which often mature in old wooden barrels for decades.

Victoria - Australia Wine Country
Vineyards of Scotchmans Hill Winery in Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia wine country

The Western Victoria region is primarily known for very good sparkling wines, which are produced here not only from the varieties commonly used in Europe such as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but also from Shiraz. The result is deep red sparkling wines with an intensely spicy aroma that seduces the senses. But very appealing still wines are also made, such as Shiraz, which is reminiscent of the Syrah from the northern Rhône, intensely fragrant Cabernet Sauvignon, and elegant, fresh white wines from Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

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A Wine Journey  through New South Wales

In New South Wales, around 34,000 hectares are planted with vines, which are spread across 25 different sub-regions. The best known are the Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Murray Darling, Orange, Hilltop, and Canberra. In terms of area, the Hunter Valley and Riverina are the largest areas. In New South Wales, there are plenty of attractions and amazing sites including beaches, national parks, historic towns, wine regions, and the unique Australian Outback. New South Wales is Australia’s most geographically diverse state. The natural attractions are perfect for weekend getaways and longer road trips to the various points of interest and sites in the state.

New South Wales captivates visitors with its subtropical forests, breath-taking beaches, and impressive mountains.

New South Wales - Australian Wine Region
The vineyard of Dryridge Estate, Megalong Valley, New South Wales wine region, Australia

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Hunter Valley - A Great Valley for White Wines

The Hunter Valley, about 160 km north of Sydney, is one of the most visited Australian wine regions. The proximity to the metropolis of Sydney and the creativity of the winegrowers ensured that the region was frequented by a large number of visitors. Beautiful cellar doors and outstanding restaurants ensure that Sydney residents like to spend a weekend in the Hunter Valley. Here you will find large wine factories as well as numerous charming wineries that sell wines directly on the farm. The Lower Hunter Valley is one of the best-developed tourist areas in Australia.

Riverina – Sweet Wine Producer

Riverina is the largest wine growing area in New South Wales. The vines grow in the hot, humid inland on sandy alluvial land that has to be watered all year round. The wineries that offer great tastings offer the full range of common varieties found in Australia.

A specialty from Riverina is a sweet dessert wine, which is produced in the style of a Sauternes. Sauterne grapes (Sémillon) infected with botrytis are used for this sweet wine. The quality of this wine specialty is usually very good but is offered at a fairly low price, so these sweet wines from Australia wine country can be a real alternative to dessert, which will surely surprise some wine connoisseurs.

Tasmania – Island Wines of Australia

Tasmania, the island off the south coast of Australia wine country, has become a major growing region for Pinot Noir, white wines, and sparkling wines in recent years. The climate is cool, and Tasmania stands for its very own wine style within Australia: light wines with fresh aromas and lively acidity. The region has four growing zones: the largest in the Tamar River around the city of Launceston to the north. Around 40% of all wine comes from here. It follows the Piper’s River a little further east and the east coast with Bicheno and Freycinet. The largest Pinot Noir stocks are located there.

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Frequently asked questions about Australia wine country

What are the main wine regions of Australia?

There are four main wine regions in Australia: Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Australia is the 7th largest wine producing country in the world with South Australia being the largest wine growing region in terms of production within the country.

What is Australia's most popular wine?

Shiraz is the most widely cultivated and most popular grape variety in Australia wine country. Besides from Shiraz some popular red wines are made off Cabernet Sauvignon grapes or the cool-climate loving Pinot Noir cultivated mostly in Victoria. Popular white varieties are Chardonnay, Riesling or Semillon.

What is the wine capital of Australia?

Adelaide is considered the wine capital of Australia, with more than 200 open cellar doors and leading wine production it earned its position as one of the nine Great Wine Capitals of the World.

What is the best wine region in Australia?

While South Australia is considered to be the most important and popular Australian wine region. On the other hand, Western Australia is known for producing the most elegant wines, this might be due to the climate in the southwest corner which is nearly perfect for viticulture.

Is Adelaide wine region worth a visit?

Adelaide is a must visit for any wine lover while traveling to South Australia. This famous wine capital hosts world class wineries on every corner.

Where are most wineries in Australia?

The majority of wineries in Australia are located in South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. These regions, including the famous Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Yarra Valley, and Hunter Valley, have a high concentration of wineries and are renowned for producing exceptional wines.

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