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How to Reach Wine Tasting Experiences in Chile

Wine tasting tours in Chile are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

To enjoy wine tours in Chile, you can fly into one of the local airports:

1. To reach the Limari or Choapa wine regions, Calama (CJC) or Antofagasta (ANF) Airports provide many international and domestic flights. 

2. Santiago Airport (SCL) is convenient for you if you want to travel to the Maipo Valley.

3. Aconcagua Valley is easily reachable by either Santiago or the La Serena Airports. 

4. Near Maule Valley and Curico Valley, there is the Temuco Airport (ZCO) or Concepcion airport (CCP).

By Car

Wine tours in Chile can be visited by car.

Most of the roads are paved, however, it is recommended to have a 4WD to reach some areas in Chile.

During Autumn and Winter, you might come across some roads being restricted, due to fog.

Highway 5 goes through the whole country and most of the wine regions.

In Copiapo (Limari Valley), highways 23, 24, and 25 will be useful to drive around. Also, via Highway 1 you can drive in between the wine tours in Chile and enjoy the Ocean views.

To drive around Santiago, and visit the wine tours in Chile on Casablanca Valley, and Leyda Valley, highways 5, 68, and 78 would be convenient.

On Maule Valley, around Tolca some spots for wine tours in Chile are reached by highways 5, K-60, 128, and 126.

The wine tours in Chile, around Temuco, (the Austral region and the Malleco Valley) can be reached by the roads R-86, S16 and S10.

By Train

To exnjoy the wine tours in Chile, you can use the country's railway system.

Most of the railway journeys will be accompanied by a scenic view of the beautiful mountains of the Andes. 

The trains operate mostly in the south of the country. 

Concepcion and Laja are connected daily by train, with picturesque views over the Bio Bio Valley wine region. 

Talca and Constitution are connected by the train that leaves each city twice a day. The train will assist you to travel to the Maule Valley.

Find the railway schedules here

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Wine lovers from all around the world flock to South America to enjoy the remarkable wine tours in Chile.

Viticulture in Chile started around the 16th century. Overtime Carmenere - the Chilean signature red wine grape - was born thanks to the work of skilled winemakers. Wine tours in Chile are usually accompanied by beautiful Ocean views or the massive Andes.

If you are planning to visit wine tastings and tours in Chile, you will have to carefully choose where to go first and start looking for the best region for you. There are plenty of gorgeous wine tours in Chile, spread all over each region. All wineries in Chile have their own story to tell, winemaking techniques, and unique wines to offer their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

What wine is Chile known for?

Carmenere is Chile's most famous wine.

You should definitely try the red goodnes at one of the wine tours in Chile offered by our partner wineries.

How to go wine tasting in chile?

To reach the wine tours in Chile, you can use different means of transport.

However, driving is the most convenient option.

Make sure to drive sober and enjoy the beautiful wine tours in Chile.

What is the best wine region in Chile?

The best wine region to enjoy the wine tours in Chile is on the Maipo Valley.

What does Chilean wine taste like?

At the wine tours in Chile, you will notice that the Chilean red wines are usually full-bodied or medium-bodied, some have strong acidity and berry notes.

Chilean White wines can be described as having an extra acid, with mineral notes of lemon or pineapple.

What grape varieties are grown in Chile?

Chile is known for its production of various grape varieties. Some of the popular ones include Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Syrah.

Where are the main wine regions in Chile?

The main wine regions in Chile include Maipo Valley, Colchagua Valley, Casablanca Valley, Aconcagua Valley, and Maule Valley, among others.

What is the most famous vineyard in Chile?

Concha y Toro, the biggest name in Chilean wines, was founded in 1883. It is also one of the leading wine producers in Latin America, with its wine available in more than 140 countries. Casillero del Diablo, Marques de Casa Concha, and Don Melchor are some of their most popular labels.

What travellers says about Chile Wine Tours

Quinton April 12, 2024
Beautiful location! Great wine tour. The wine, food, and area were excellent, and the winery staff were very friendly. Please be advised that there generally is no direct transportation available (we took an Uber to get to the facility and rode a transport to Santa Cruz at the end of the day). Some staff can speak English, but some experiences (wine museum exhibits, for example) may only be available in Spanish. Still highly recommended!
Lawrence September 18, 2023
The Most Gracious Hosts! Sr. Mannle and his staff and family were most gracious and accommodating for the entire time I spent at Mannle Winery and Vineyards. As a buyer and consumer of wines from around the world I come away entirely impressed with Heinrich's vast knowledge and quality production. They shared knowledge that enables me to be a more discriminating buyer and enjoy much more. Their facilities are state of the art and I'm sure that they are amongst the best in class in the entire South American Wine industry not only Chile! Saludos ! Lawrence Cooper Beverly Hills , California , USA
august April 28, 2024
accommodating and informative tour was never nice, over factory floor as it was harvest time, made it very interesting and almost interactive

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