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The family's origins and traditions are almost naturally reflected in their deep respect for each terroir where they planted their 'wine dream' in Mendoza

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Claudio Damian

Claudio Damian

Wine and Food Experiences for those who appreciate the finer things Borravino Wine Tours – The...

Baires Experience

Baires Experience

Welcome to Argentina, the land of the finest wine in the Americas! My name is Juan, founder of...

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Mendoza, Argentina

We are a tour operator 100% dedicated to do the best and more customized wine tours in Mendoza....

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Cordoba, Argentina

We are leaders in Wine Tours in Córdoba, Argentina. Since 2018 we visit winneries in an all...

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Signature Tours

Signature Tours

Buenos Aires has always been in the travelers’ radars: tango, beef, gauchos, soccer, and, of...

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Company dedicated to the realization of visits, tastings and lunches in wineries of Maipu, Lujan...

Best Cities to Visit in Argentina

Map Of Argentina's Wineries

How to Reach Wineries in Argentina

Wineries in Argentina are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

To travel and visit the best wineries in Argentina, more than 100 airports of the country will be in your service.

Find some most convenient options below, to arrive in Argentina by air.

1. Buenos Aires has 2 main airports: Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini Airport (EZE) and Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport (AFP) 

2. Cordoba Airport (COR) is closer to travel in La Rioja and San Juan wine regions. 

3. Fly into Mendoza Airport (MDZ) to enjoy some of the best wine tastings in Argentina, in Mendoza wine region.  

4. To visit the wineries near Patagonia wine region, fly into San Carlos de Bariloche Airport (BRC), in Rio Negro. Or, fly into Neuquen Airport (NQN).

5. Tucuman Airport (TUC) is the best option to visit the wineries in Argentina, in Tucuman wine region. 

6. Jujuy airport (JUJ) will be in your service to visit the wineries in sub-region Jujuy, and wine region Salta.

By Car

Read the tips below, to safely drive around and visit the best wineries in Argentina.

To drive in Argentina, you should be 18 or older with a legal driving license issued by any country. However, to hire a car, you should be 23 or older. 

Better to keep the papers and insurance with you at all times, as you might encounter some police checkpoints during the trip. 

Most of the roads are paved and easy to drive. However, 4WD would be more convenient, as you might encounter some gravel roads, depending on your destination.

There are 2 important roads, in Argentina. The "La Cuarenta" (also known as road 40), and the Pan-American highway. 

La Cuarente (road 40) is a great option to drive in the regions and visit the best wineries in Argentina. The road goes through most of the parts of this vast land. Among them are vine regions such as: Salta, Cafayate, Tucuman, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, and Patagonia

Drive along the historical and very scenic route of the Pan-American highway. It goes through the wine regions of Mendoza, and Patagonia.

By Train

To visit the wineries in Argentina, you can travel from one region to another, by the local train system.

The railway system covers quite wide area of the country and offers multiple departures from each city.
There is a wide range of service, for example high and economy class tickets, overnight trains and etc. Check out the Virail webpage and plan your train trip to visit the best wineries in Argentina.

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Everything you need to know before you take a tour to Argentina

Positioned in between the tropical rainforests and soaring mountain ranges, wineries in Argentina charm the visitors, all year long.

Due to the high elevation, and dry climate, the wineries in Argentina have great conditions to grow pesticide-free vine and become, world-famous bio-wine producers.

If you are planning to visit wineries in Argentina, you will have to carefully choose where to go first and start looking for the best region for you. There are plenty of gorgeous wineries in Argentina, spread all over each region. All wineries in Argentina have their own story to tell, winemaking techniques, and unique wines to offer their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

How many wineries are there in Argentina?

There are about 2000 wineries in Argentina.

How many wine regions are in Argentina?

The wineries in Argentina are scattered around 7 regions:
1. Catamarca
2. Patagonia
3. La Rioja
4. Mendoza
5. Salta
6. San Juan
7. Tucuman

Where are the best wineries in Argentina to taste red wine?

The best wineries in Argentina, to taste red wine are in Mendoza.

Where are the best wineries in Argentina to taste white wine?

Try the Torrontes white wine, while in Salta and visiting some of the best wineries in Argentina.

Where are the best wineries in Argentina to taste sparkling wines?

Among all the amazing wineries in Argentina, Mendoza has the best spots to taste sparkling wines.

What is the best wine country in Argentina?

In total, there are seven major main wine regions in Argentina: Mendoza, Salta, Neuquen, Rio Negro, Catamarca, La Rioja and San Juan. Of these, Mendoza is the best known, accounting for roughly 60% of Argentina's wine production.

What is the oldest winery in Argentina?

The oldest working winery in Argentina, Bodega Colomé was established in 1831 but owes its modern incarnation to Swiss businessman Donald Hess, who purchased it in 2001.

What does Argentina wine taste like?

The main fruit flavors in a glass of Argentine Malbec are blackberry, plum, and black cherry. The nuanced flavors offer milk chocolate, cocoa powder, violet flowers, leather, and, depending on the amount of oak aging, a sweet tobacco finish.

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