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Cantine Erario

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Francesco Z

Francesco Z

Offers tours in:
Brindisi, Puglia, Italy

Dimensione Puglia is a tour operator founded by Francesco and specialized in wine tours. We...

Alessandro P

Alessandro P

Tour guide, nature (hike and bike) guide, wine and olive oil sommelier in Puglia, Matera and...

Paolo and Donato

Paolo and Donato

Offers tours in:
Puglia, Italy

"Frrud" the wine cellar- Wine museum Dating back to the 1500s and after 70 years of inactivity,...

Best Cities to Visit in Puglia, Italy

Map Of Puglia Wineries

How to Reach Wineries in Puglia

Wineries in Puglia are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

If you want to get to wineries in Puglia by plane, the two main airports in the region are Bari Airport (BRI) and the Airport of Salento in Brindisi (BDS). Bari, the capital city of Puglia, serves the northern part of the region, while Brindisi Airport is about two and a half hours south and its closer to the beautiful area of Salento. 

By Car

If you want to travel to wineries in Puglia by car, the motorways that connect Puglia to Italy (and are free from Bari to Taranto) are essentially two: 

  • A14 route linking Bologna to Taranto passing through the major towns of northern and central Apulia

  • A16 route connecting Naples to Canosa passing through the Apennines

Driving around wineries in Puglia can be an incredible experience as you can fully take advantage of the fascinating landscapes of the region. If you don't want to drive all the way to the 'heel' of Italy, you can rent a car in one of the airports of the region or at the train station in Bari.

By Train

Trains are a great way to get to Puglia. You can get a high-speed train, either Frecciarossa or Italo, from all the major Italian cities to Bari and then use the regional rail services to get closer to wineries in Puglia.

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Everything you need to know before you visit wineries in Puglia

Puglia is a long, narrow region forming the heel of southern Italy's "boot". The region is not just famous for the production of fine red wines, but also for several table wines.
Salice Salentino, Galatina, Gravina and Martina Franca are some of the amazing wine appellations of this rich region. Wineries in Puglia welcome visitors from all around the world to come for a lovely wine tasting and tour experience. Discover some of the best wineries near Bari and Alberobello, as well as many other attractions to visit throughout the region.

The best season to visit wineries in Puglia

You can visit the wineries in Puglia all year-round because of the gentle Mediterranean climate that touches the region. If you really have to decide the perfect time to travel to Puglia is during July. During the summer, the entire region comes alive with activities, festivals, and endless sunny and hot days. Since it is the hottest month of the year, you can go sunbathing with a sip of Puglian wines on the picturesque Salento beaches. Of course, Puglia in summer gets very crowded, as it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Italy. 
Rain is quite rare in Puglia, hence people who want to explore stunning landscapes during cooler climates can travel during the spring or autumn months.

What are wineries in Puglia like?

Wineries in Puglia have recently undergone viticultural revolution and have shifted their focus from quantity to quality of the production.
Here you will find:

  • Wineries with a long history of tradition and values
  • Traditional family-run wineries
  • Wineries following an organic, ecological and biodynamic approach
  • Young wineries 
  • Wineries located in gorgeous Masserie
  • Grow autochthonous vines from Puglia

The most common grape varieties and style of wines in Puglia

Wineries in Puglia mostly grow red grape varieties. Puglia is famous for the grape variety Primitivo. Other popular grapes are:

  • Negroamaro (red)
  • Uva di Troia (red)

Language tips to visit wineries in Puglia

Here are some useful language tips that might help you during your visit in wineries in Puglia:

Wine routeStrada del Vino

What travellers says about Puglia Wineries

Luke July 28, 2021
I would rate my whole experience from beginning to end as perfect I would rate my whole experience from beginning to end as perfect, 10 out of 10. The wine tourism staff were extremely helpful and the tour and tasting experience was amazing with some lovely wines to match. Thank you again for all of your help
Jens October 21, 2020
We had a very good experience Thanks! We had a very good experience at the winery, and we are also very satisfied with your service. It’ s a 10/10!
Julie August 23, 2021
Would definitely recommend this experience We found the wine tasting experience 10/10, booking was really easy and good communication. There was a little confusion at first when we arrived, lost in translation or we didn't give enough information. but was rectified very quickly by the staff. I think it was Catia who gave us the (second ) wine tasting. She was excellent and very knowledgeable. The museum was very interesting and was great to hear about the history of the wines in the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

What are the best wineries to visit in Puglia?

These are the best wineries to visit in Puglia:

Which wineries in Puglia have restaurants?

These wineries in Puglia have restaurants:

Which wineries in Puglia have accommodation services either apartments, hotel rooms or a B&B?

How do you visit Puglia wineries?

Most of the wineries in Puglia are located in the wine regions in the countryside. The best way to prepare a visit to a winery in Puglia is to book your visit in advance on our website.

Which are the best wineries to visit in Puglia during my holiday or vacation?

The best wineries to visit during your holiday or vacation to Puglia are:

Which wineries in Puglia have cellar door sales?

These wineries in Puglia have cellar door sales:

Which wineries in Puglia are open to the public?

These wineries in Puglia are open to the public with booking in advance:

Are there any small & boutique wineries to visit in Puglia?

This is our selection of small & boutique wineries in Puglia that you can visit:

What are the best family wineries to visit in Puglia?

These are the best family wineries in Puglia that you can visit:

Are there any wineries near Bari, Lecce or Brindisi?

Use our interactive Puglia winery map to browse wineries near Bari, Lecce or Brindisi.

What do wineries in Puglia offer?

Wineries in Puglia offer several facilities to help all guests have an amazing experience. Here's what you can find:

Almost all wineries have reduced mobility access to welcome everybody

Several wineries in Puglia have accommodation services, but only a few have restaurants

Some wineries offer activities for kids or the possibility to bring pets around the tour

All wineries in Puglia have parking spaces specifically for busses

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