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The champagne wine region is one of the most prestigious not only in France but also worldwide. Champagne, synonymous with celebration, is a French treasure, exclusively produced in the Champagne region located in northeastern France. Just a short journey of around 90 miles east from Paris, one can find this unique region. The appellation laws strictly dictate that sparkling wine can only be labelled 'Champagne' if it originates from this specific region, where the combination of climate, soil, and centuries-old expertise creates the quintessential bubbly beloved worldwide.

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Marne Valley in Champagne Wine Region, France.

Champagne Wine Region - Home of Elegant Bubbles

Champagne wine region offers charming vineyards, the houses or Maisons of Champagne, historic cities and of course plenty of bubbles...

From the renowned Champagne houses to the independent winegrowers discover one of the most beautiful wine cellars in France. Enjoy unforgettable experiences, tasting wines from these emblematic three grape varieties Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

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Where to Stay in Champagne

Champagne region, renowned for its effervescent charm and rich cultural heritage offers a wide range of accommodation options from elegant château accommodations nestled amid sprawling vineyards to cozy boutique hotels nestled in the heart of historic towns.

Château Des Roises

The Château des Roises, a historic fortified residence constructed in the late 16th century stands as a notable illustration of the noble residences.

La Villa Eugène

Golden Tulip Reims, is a four-star hotel in close proximity to Reims, providing an expansive views of the Champagne vineyards.

Le Château D Etoges

In the heart of Champagne region and its world-famous vineyards, 17th century Château offers a perfect accommodation to Champagne visitors.

Villa Primerose

Located in Arcis sur Aube, Villa Primerose provides serene accommodation in a luxurious and comfortable private mansion built in 1890.

Discover more exclusive accommodation options in the around Champagne.

Champagne Wine Region Map

Champagne Wine Map


Discover Wine-Producing Districts of Champagne Wine Region

There is only one AOC(Appellation d'origine Contrôlée) in the Champagne wine region. However, the territory is divided into next sub-regions, which are known as wine-producing districts and each of them has distinct characteristics.

The main wine-producing districts of the Champagne wine region:


Marne Valley

Côte des Blancs

Côtes des Bar

Côtes de Sezzane


Reims Wine District

Extended from northwest of Reims to Epernay, the Montagne de Reims wine region is very qualitative. It owns numerous Champagne Grands Crus and Premiers Crus. Vineyards are planted on limestone clay and chalk soils the vines form an arc of a circle around the city of Reims. Situated in the heart of a natural park, the Montagne de Reims is the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine Champagne. The 9.000 hectares of vines benefit from a diversity of terroirs which contributes to the specificity of these wines.

The main grape varieties:

Champagne (1)
Vineyard landscape, Montagne de Reims, Champagne wine region, France

Marne Valley Wine Disitrict

Going along the Marne river, the Marne Valley stretches from Epernay in the east to Montreuil-Aux-Lions in the west. This region, of 8.000 hectares of vines, produces mainly the sparkling wine Champagne "blanc de noirs".

Historically, the Marne Valley is the cradle of the creation of Champagne. According to a myth, Dom Pérignon would have given birth to the famous French sparkling wine Champagne in the abbey of the village Hautvillers in the 17th century.

Côte des Blancs Wine District

Located in the south of Epernay, Côte des Blancs wine region expends 20 km with 3300 hectares. The region includes twelve villages whose 6 are classified as Grand Cru.

Thanks to the hillside's east orientation, the west wind protects the vineyard. Côte de Blancs is special because it benefits from the oceanic climate as well as continental. So it gets a lot of sunshine and the perfect temperature for the development of Chardonnay. The soil is mainly composed of limestone.


Côtes des Bar Wine District

Côtes des Bar is located in Aube department, and its forms an arc to the south of Troyes of 70 km.

The vineyard benefits from ocean climate and semi-continental. Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay are planted in different soils marl, limestone, and clay. The region comprises 62 regions. Out of the 8000 hectares, 800 hectares are located in Les Riceys. This area owns the three appellations: Champagne, Coteaux Champenois and Rosé des Riceys produce from Pinot Noir grape variety.

Côtes de Sezzane Wine District

Côtes de Sezzane is located on south of Vallée de la Marne, Champagne, and Côte des Blancs. In fact, it is a continuation of Côte des Blancs, also dominated with Chardonnay grape variety.

Here vineyards are planted on chalk, limestone and Sparnac clay soils, and they benefit from the south-east sun exposure together with a humid oceanic climate. These create conditions for the grapes to produce softer and more round wines.

Explore Culture of Champagne Wine Region through Its Cities

Benefiting from the worldwide Champagne reputation, the region is also attractive for its history and culture. While in Champagne region of France, don't miss to visit its main cities.


The Beautiful City of Reims

Named as the Kings' city, an important number of Carolingian and Capetian kings were crowned on the Notre-Dame Cathedral place for more than ten centuries. The Notre-Dame Cathedral together with the Tau Palace and the old Saint-Remi Abbey are registered to the UNESCO World Heritage for the outstanding handling of new architectural techniques in the 13th century.

Champagne, Reims Cathedral
Cathedral Notre Dame in Reims, France

Discover other monuments like the Saint-Remi Basilica, the Mumm wine cellar which became a cultural place, the Roman Mars Gate and so on.

Epernay - The Capital of Champagne

In the heart of the Champagne wine region, Epernay benefits from the Champagne attraction to develop its local economy.

The city has a lovely architectural heritage which comes from its history. Known as the capital of Champagne, Epernay keeps a treasure in its undergrounds.

110 kilometers of cellars preserve more than 200 million bottles of Champagne. In 1729, the first Champagne house set up in Epernay, founded by Nicolas Ruinart who went into the production of sparkling wines. Followed by Moët & Chandon in 1743 and others over the years, the history of the internationally renowned Champagne started.


Situated in the Marne French department, Chalons-en-Champagne is the perfect destination to discover history, culture, and nature with your family or friends.

Through its rich history, the city inherited numerous monuments as the Collegial Notre-Dame-en-Vaux registered in the UNESCO World Heritage, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral and the Sainte-Croix Gate built in 1769 and dedicated to Marie-Antoinette when she arrived in France. Discover also, the medieval wine cellars from the 12th and 15th centuries which prove the richness of the city during the medieval era.


The heart of the city center forms a Champagne cork. Heritage from the medieval town, this was a good omen for the one which has become the most renowned wine in the World, produced around Troyes.

Known for its timbered houses from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Troyes is proud of its well-preserved heritage.

Champagne, Half-timbered Houses Of Old Town Of Troyes
Half-timbered houses of old town of Troyes

Counting an important number of monuments, the city offers a stay of discovery. From the Saint-Loup Abbey, the Saint-Martin-ès-Aires Abbey, the Saint-Urbain Basilica, and the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral to its ten Churches, passing by other splendid monuments you will learn about this huge heritage.

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Gastronomic Specialities of Champagne Wine Region

The gastronomy of the Champagne wine region, which is also known as Cuisine du Terroir (Cuisine of the land), perfectly matches to its wide range of Champagne wines.

The Story of the Andouillette de Troyes

This dish looks like a sausage but it mainly makes up pork large intestine and stomach. The seasoning depends on the pork butcher. He can add onions, salt, pepper, spices, and so on. After that, the preparation is stuffed in natural or industrial entrails. It's cooked very slowly and for a long time in flavored stock.

Andouillette De Troyes


Pied de Porc à la Sainte Menehould

An old recipe tasted by Charles 7 in 1435.

This local tradition comes from Sainte-Menehould, a little town located in Marne in the northwest of France. Cook the pig’s trotters in water with carrots, onions, garlic and so on for four hours. Then, when the pig’s trotters are cooled, they are breaded and cooked in a frying pan.

Les Biscuits Roses de Reims

created in 1690 by Champenois bakers and has been unmodified since its creation. Traditionally, people soak the biscuit into semi-dry Champagne or into red wine.

They wanted to use the heat of their oven after baking bread. So, they’ve created a batter that could bake twice. First, the biscuit bake in the oven and the second baking is when the oven turns off little by little. Originally, the biscuit was white, but they wanted to add vanilla flavor but the biscuit became darker. To reduce that color, the bakers decided to use a red natural dye: Carmin.

Le Bouchon de Champagne

Created in 1950 in a chocolate factory.

It imitates the real Champagne cork thanks to its form and its aluminum wrapping. It comprises a dark chocolate hull filled with local eau de vie which can be replaced with praline.

Insider Tips about Champagne Wine Region

Where to eat in Champagne wine region?

La Rotisserie Henri IV à Ay

  • Address: 46 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle, 51160 Ay, France
  • Menu: French, European, Local Food
  • Specialties: Rotisserie


La Grillade Gourmande

  • Address: 16 Rue de Reims, 51200 Épernay, France
  • Menu: French food, Entrances, Meats, Fish, Cheeses and Desserts
  • Specialty: Grilled Rib of Beef, Boneless Squab with Foie Gras



Le Grand Cerf Villers-Allerand

  • Address: 50 Route nationale, 51500 Villers-Allerand, France
  • Menu: French food
  • Specialties: Terrine de veau de lait et canard au foie gras



Where to stay in Champagne wine region?

Hotel de la Paix à Reims

  • Address: 9 Rue Buirette, 51100 Reims, France
  • Facilities and services: Restaurant, Bar, Sauna

Hotel Le Marius

  • Address: 2 Place de l'Église, 10340 Les Riceys, France
  • Facilities and services: Restaurant, Bar, Breakfast, Car park.

Hotel Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa 

  • Address: 9 Rue de la République - Hameau de, Rue de Bellevue, 51160 Champillon, France
  • Facilities and services: Restaurant, Spa, Personal Training, Pool

What are the best wine bars in Champagne wine region?

Le Coq Rouge

  • Address: 67 Rue Chanzy, 51100 Reims, France
  • Wine menu: National wines

Atelier 1834 - Champagne Boizel

  • Address: 46 Avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay, France
  • Wine menu: Local French wines


Golden Bulles

  • Address: 9-11 Place Drouet d'Erlon, 51100 Reims, France
  • Wine menu: French wines


What to do in Champagne wine region?

Visit Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims

  • Address: Place du Cardinal Luçon, 51100 Reims, France

Take a walk on Avenue de Champagne

  • Address: 5 Avenue de Champagne, 51200 Épernay, France

Visit Palais du Tau

  • Address: 2 Place du Cardinal Luçon, 51100 Reims, France

Frequently Asked Questions about Champagne Wine Region

1. Where is the Champagne wine region located?

The Champagne wine region is located on Frances Northeastern part, just 121 km from Paris.

This region produces the famous sparkling wines usually just called by the name Champagne.

2. What are the most famous sub-regions and appellations in Champagne?

Between the cities of Reims and Épernay lays the heart of the Champagne regions, where the main sub-regions are Montagne de Reims, Côte des Blancs, Côte de Sézanne, Vallée de la Marne, and Aube.

The region compraises the one appellation Champagne AOC.

3. What are the main grape varieties in Champagne?

The most important grapes of Champagne or u0022the big threeu0022 are Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir.

4. What is the best wine to try in Champagne?

Incredible sparkling wines are made in Champagne, where round bubbles make crispy and refreshing sips. Look for Brut bottles to find the best Champagnes, the drink at the table of Oscar's ceremonies and 007 action movies.

5. What is the capital of the Champagne region?

Épernay is its capital city of the Champagne wine region. The city is the start point on the wine journey of lots of travelers in Champagne.

Avenue de Champagne is the most famous street in Épernay, featuring famous Champagne manufacturers.


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