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Sanlorenzo - The best winery in Tuscany with pure tradition, authenticity, and an open outlook toward the future of winemaking

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wineries

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How do I sign up my winery?

The best way to sign up your winery is to provide us with your email either in the live chat or by emailing We will provide you with a submission form to create your winery's profile

Must I pay to be listed on

It is 100% free to be listed on our site, there are no subscription costs or other costs to have a profile listed. We make a small commission on all confirmed bookings that are made through our website. See our payment terms for more details.

How is the price of each activity fixed?

The price of an activity is the price set by the winery itself. There are no other fees, VAT, or other costs added to this price. The price shown is per person. Prices may vary depending on the winery's calendar

How do I know if someone books an activity at my winery?

You will receive a notification by email or SMS, or a telephone call from our bookings team when someone books an activity in your winery. Sometimes the emails can arrive in the spam folder so please make sure to check this as well.

Who is in charge of the management of my winery page?

The team of is in charge of your page. We write the content about your winery and your activities. Then, you confirm your agreement or if you have some modification to do, we update it and we post it online. In a few weeks, our new platform will be up and running and wineries will have much more control over how to update their accounts.

Can I select the photos you will post to represent my winery?

Yes. As part of your signup process, we will either ask you to provide photos or ask for your permission to use photos available on your website and on social media. Our content team will ask you to confirm the photos on your profile before we publish anything.

Let's go through Several
Steps of a Typical Wine Tour

Step 1

Many wineries will start with an introduction to the property and a tour, which may include a bit of walking and will give you an overview of the winemaking facilities. Generally, a short overview of the history of the winery will also be included. Many winemakers use the opportunity of a visit to walk their guests through the entire process of winemaking. Hence, you get a better understanding of the overall process from grape to bottle.

Throughout the tour, feel free to ask questions and gain more knowledge from your guide. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about wine and the winemaking process.

Step 2

After a tour, there will be an opportunity to taste wines made by the winery. A tasting can happen in a designated tasting room, in the barrel hall, or often outside with a view of the natural surroundings when weather permits.

Many wineries find a unique way to present their wines and want you to relax and enjoy yourself. Small bites may accompany the wines, or there may be live music, or a chance to visit the vineyards. All wineries have the same aim in mind. They want you to enjoy yourself, have fun, taste the wines, and create a memorable experience that you will cherish.

Step 3

Bottles of wine are often for purchase at the end of your visit. It can be well worth it to take home a great bottle of wine for dinner, a gift, a souvenir, and be able to recreate your visit again in the comfort of your own home. Some wineries may even have space where you can stay and enjoy another glass on the premise with your friends. Remember, so much can vary depending on your desires as a visitor. How much of the production facility is open for public viewing, and what unique features your winery host would like to share will also shape your experience. Wine provides more than a taste. It is often an expression of a region, a place, a family, and a season. At, we hope you will enjoy discovering the nuances of every glass of wine. Please drink responsibly and take care to ensure a safe ride to and from your visit

Learn more about Wine Tastings & Tours

Make your selection and we will take care of the rest ensuring you a memorable wine