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Rioja Private Tour From Bilbao

Rioja Private Tour From Bilbao

A Guided Wine Tour Full of Discoveries And Delights In the La Rioja Region

€320.00 Book now
Modern Architecture Rioja Wine Tour with Lunch from San Sebastian

Modern Architecture Rioja Wine Tour with Lunch from San Sebastian

Premium Rioja wine tour: Explore Marques de Riscal & Ysios wineries, indulge in local cuisine, visit LaGuardia, and enjoy small group settings

€250.00 Book now
Modern Architecture Rioja Wine Tour with Lunch from Bilbao

Modern Architecture Rioja Wine Tour with Lunch from Bilbao

Premium Rioja wine tour: explore Marques de Riscal and Ysios wineries, indulge in local delicacies, and enjoy small-group tastings

€250.00 Book now
Boutique Wineries Tour with Lunch from San Sebastian

Boutique Wineries Tour with Lunch from San Sebastian

Region Region:
Rioja, Spain
Region Guide:

A Generous Wine Experience

€230.00 Book now
Boutique Wineries Tour with Lunch from Bilbao

Boutique Wineries Tour with Lunch from Bilbao

Ultimate Rioja wine tour with local wine guide

€230.00 Book now
Discover The Unknown Rioja Wine Region

Discover The Unknown Rioja Wine Region

Exploring the Wines of Rioja

€375.00 Book now
Full day tour to Rioja

Full day tour to Rioja

Discover the Winemaking Process

€590.00 Book now
Rioja Winery Tour from San Sebastian

Rioja Winery Tour from San Sebastian

Spanish Wines to your Delight!

€220.00 Book now

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Best Cities to Visit in Rioja, Spain

Rioja Wine Map

How to Reach Wine Tasting Experiences in Rioja

Wine tasting tours in Rioja are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

By Air

Logroño-Agoncillo Airport (RJL) is the closest airport to the heart of the Rioja wine region; however, this airport is very small and only two companies fly here, Iberia and Air Nostrum.
Another practical airport you could fly to is Vitoria (VIT) which is about 65.4 km away from Rioja.
More international flights arrive at Bilbao Airport(BIO), which is 114.4 km.

By Car

Traveling by car is the best way to reach vineyard areas in Rioja and take advantage of the natural beauties of the region. You can easily get on a wine tour in Rioja from Madrid and Barcelona. From Madrid, you can follow the A2/N111 highways north and east for about 3.5 hours. Driving from Barcelona takes a bit longer but it can be an amazing journey through Spain. 
A great way to get to explore Rioja is to follow one of the three official wine routes in the region. Each wine route is dedicated to one Rioja appellation: Ruta del Vino de Rioja Alavesa, Ruta del Vino Rioja Alta and Ruta del Vino Rioja Oriental.

By Train

The fastest option to reach Rioja by train is to travel with a Renfe service from Barcelona or Madrid. The journey takes more or less 3.5 to 4.5 hours from those two cities to Logroño. Some trains directly arrive in Logroño, while others require a connection to Zaragoza.

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The best season to explore Rioja

If you want to be captivated by the green vineyards, summer is the best time to take part in wine activities Rioja. You can also enjoy some pretty warm weather all year round while sipping delicious wine from the Rioja wine region. But if you are more into witnessing the harvesting season and want to have a first-hand experience of picking the grapes with your bare hands, fall is the perfect season!
Even during the harsh winter, wineries in Rioja have much more to offer. You can taste their last vintages during this time and take part in winter sports activities like skiing.

What to do in Rioja?

If you are a wine enthusiast, don't forget to visit the Rioja Wine Museum, near Bodega Vivanco, showcasing the fantastic 8000-year history of winemaking in Rioja!
Logroño is the capital city of the La Rioja region and it offers a rich history and beautiful landmarks that have been preserved since the Middle Ages.
You can also travel to San Millán de la Cogolla as it boasts beautiful historic buildings and houses. 

What to taste in Rioja?

The most popular wine in Rioja is Tempranillo, and it will for sure be served to you during wine tours in Rioja. Tempranillo is a medium to full-bodied wine, with a medium level of acidity, and tannins and is medium dry. Tempranillo presents very strong and detailed aromas, the most iconic ones are vanilla, plum, and cherry.
Garnacha is another popular red variety from Rioja and you might come across it while doing wine tastings. Garnacha features aromas of berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, and notes of tobacco, cinnamon, anise; in some cases it might feel citrusy on the palate. This red wine has medium tannins and acidity, with a medium level of alcohol.

What to expect from Rioja wine tour?

Wine tours in Rioja mostly consist of wineries and cellar tours followed by a tasting of the best selection of wines paired with local specialties and delicious tapas.
Some wineries offer walking tours of their vineyards before getting into the wine-tasting experience. Since vineyards in Rioja are mostly located on steep slopes, you will profit from an incredible view over the land! Other wine tastings and tours in Rioja take you to their aging rooms.
Some wineries, such as Bodegas Corral, offer several types of tours around their estate and vineyards. Before sitting down for a wine tasting, you can go horseback riding or on a bike tour.

Tips from local wineries

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Bodegas Bagordi

Here are some of the finest destinations to explore in the region:

  • Estella: A popular point of interest on the Camino de Santiago, located just 35 kilometers to the north.
  • Olite: Known for its magnificent medieval city, featuring an impressive castle and beautifully landscaped streets.
  • Las Musas in Arellano: Explore the Roman town, dating back to the 3rd century, where wine and oil were produced for Rome.
  • Calahorra: Founded in the 1st century and steeped in history.
  • Gastronomic Delights: Savor garden-fresh products like asparagus, artichokes, and Piquillo peppers. Explore local canning factories and dine at highly-regarded, affordable restaurants.
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Domeco de Jarauta

In addition to wine tourism, La Rioja offers a diverse array of experiences:

  • Gastronomy: La Rioja is renowned for its culinary culture, featuring up to six Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Visiting Logroño: Explore the historic old town, visit the Catedral de Santa María de la Redonda, and relish the local pintxos (small tapas).
  • Culture: Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the monasteries of San Millán de Yuso and San Millán de Suso, the birthplace of the Spanish language in San Millán de la Cogolla.
  • Nature: Enjoy a wealth of outdoor activities, including hiking, mountain biking (BTT), horse riding, and birdwatching.

What travellers says about Rioja Wine Tours

Mats November 9, 2023
Fantastic visit Our host Irene, the daughter in the family that runs the winery, was a wonderful host. A great and very personal tour that showed what a family business in the wine industry is all about. Very hospitable and also some excellent wines at the end of the tour. Highly recommended!
Marijana March 19, 2024
visit It was extraordinary experience. Tour speach with a lot of passion related to history and way of working in botegas. The environment and view on fields during the very nice and sunny wettter was simple to say stunned. On the end you can buy good bottle of wein with correct price.
Susan September 21, 2023
Wine tour September 2023 Very friendly owner and son. Welcoming, informative. Best winery visit for us and we have visited several countries and wineries. Took us out to the vineyards, saw the harvest, the pressing of the grapes etc. An excellent tour...and the wine was SO good.
Jos November 28, 2022
Good special wine. Thorough explanations a nice presentation. Good special wine. Thorough explanations a nice presentation. We enjoyed the wine tasting.
Celine October 2, 2023
Great experience!! For some reason our booking showed up for a Spanish visit so they were able to accommodate last minute for an English visit….which was amazing! The actual tour of the vineyards was very informative and very interesting. Wonderful wine tasting on the upper level patio. We were a small group of four friends and we felt very welcome. Highly recommend this tour if you are looking for a more personable experience!
Michael August 10, 2023
What a wonderful experience! We were treated to true hospitality by the team! Wines were excellent and very reasonably priced. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an authentic Rioja experience.
Robert October 27, 2023
A highlight of our European travel My wife and I can't say enough about how fun and interesting this tour was. It was just us on the tour, which I gather is the winery's preference, and very personal -- from what we saw to the wide-ranging conversation to the wine-tasting itself. It's a great chance to see how a small winery operates - and produces great reds and whites;
Fanny June 1, 2023
It was an excellent experience! Juanjo was very special. Walked us through all the wine process while tasting the wine directly from the barrels. He drove us through the winery even though it was raining he made a few stops to explain us about it. At the end of the visit Juanjo had lunch for us. He also opened two bottles of his special wine so we could taste it and drink whatever we wanted. The experience overall was amazing!
Thomas October 27, 2023
Great wine and beautiful property This was our second time visiting El Ternero. The wine is made with great care. Very historic buildings. Our guide gave us an extensive tour of the property, wine operations, and a wonderful tasting with plentiful pinxos. Highly recommend their wines.
Alar August 29, 2022
Superb service and great experience Riding el bikes through wineyards and picking grapes for degustation and fascinating tour with guided wine degustation was really superior lyrics spent time in La Rioja together with new learning even for skilled wine lovers. Friendly guide and sincere approach! Recommending!

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Which places in Rioja provide the best group experiences?

These are some of the best places in Rioja that offer wine experiences for groups:

Which places in Rioja provide the best wine experiences for travellers on a budget?

These are places in Rioja that provide the best wine tours for travelers on a budget:

Which places in Rioja provide the top wine tastings if I like organic wines?

Here are some of the experiences offered by organic wine producers in Rioja:

Are there any exclusive and premium tours available in Rioja?

If you are looking for more premium tours to Rioja, we recommend you take a tour with a private guide:

Are there any wine experiences available near Logroño or Haro?

If you are staying in Logroño or Haro and you want to visit wineries, check out our pages for:
- Wineries near Logroño
- Wineries near Haro

Are there any wine festivals or events in Rioja?

Rioja hosts various wine festivals and events throughout the year. The "Batalla del Vino" (Wine Battle) takes place in the town of Haro in late June, where participants engage in a friendly wine fight using buckets of wine. The "San Mateo Festival" in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, also features wine-related events, tastings, and parades. Check out our list of wine festivals in 2023 to see the latest updates.

Is it possible to hike or cycle in the Rioja wine region?

Rioja is a fantastic region for outdoor activities. The Sierra de Cantabria offers hiking trails with panoramic views of the vineyards and countryside. There are also cycling routes, such as the "Cycling Route of the Rioja Alavesa Wine" that takes you through scenic vineyard landscapes.

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