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Love and Wine, with Winelovers in Sighnaghi

Love and Wine, with Winelovers in Sighnaghi

Region Guide:

A Private Wine Tour

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Unique experience: Wine Museum, Family Qvevri  Wine and Factory Wine in a Day

Unique experience: Wine Museum, Family Qvevri Wine and Factory Wine in a Day

Region Guide:

An Unique Guided Wine Tour in Tbilisi, Kakheti

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A Day Wine Tour to Kakheti

A Day Wine Tour to Kakheti

Region Guide:

Did you know that Qvevri wine making method is listed as intangible cultural heritage off the...

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Full Day Private Wine Tour

Full Day Private Wine Tour

With 3 tastings & lunch in family cellar

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Best Cities to Visit in Kakheti, Georgia

Kakheti Wine Map

How to Reach Wine Tasting Experiences in Kakheti

Wine tasting tours in Kakheti are easily accessible by different means of transportation.

How to reach the region by Air

To travel and experience wine tastings and tours in Kakheti, the logical arrival point in Georgia is Tbilisi International Airport, which is the biggest airport in the country.
Tbilisi International Airport is located on the easter getaway of Tbilisi that leads the road to the Kakheti wine region.

How to reach the region by Car

The easiest way to visit experience wine tastings and tours in Kakheti is to travel by car. You can easily rent a car in Tbilisi or at the airport and it takes 2 hours to drive to Telavi, where you will be able to visit a lot of Kakhetian wineries.

How to reach the region by Bus

There are public and private minibusses that connect most of the cities of Kakheti to Tbilisi.
Where you can find these minibusses? you should reach Ortachala bus station where you will be able to take a ride to Telavi. Once you arrive in Telavi, it is easy to explore around and experience wine tastings and tours in Kakheti.

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Explore the beauty of Kakheti with our personalized private tours, where every moment is tailored to your preferences and passions. Picture yourself wandering through ancient vineyards, tasting the rich flavors of Georgian wine straight from the source, and soaking in the warmth of traditional hospitality. From the historic sights of Alaverdi Monastery to the charming streets of Sighnaghi, we'll guide you through the treasures of this enchanting region. Whether you're a wine lover, a history enthusiast, or simply seeking to immerse yourself in nature, Kakheti offers a journey like no other. Ready to begin your adventure? Just fill out the form below, and let's create memories to cherish.

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The best season to take Kakheti wine tour

The best season to take a Kakheti wine tour and tasting is between April and October.
If you are looking for more relaxed visits and tastings in Kakheti, you should travel during springtime. During this period you will find fewer tourist crowds around Kakheti. If the heat is a problem for you, try to avoid visiting wineries in July, or August.
For the harvest experiences, you should visit wineries during September and October months.

What to do in Kakheti?

Kakheti Region is a historical region of Georgia and on every step of your trip here, you can discover centuries-old monasteries, fortification walls, and castles.
Besides wine tastings and tours in Kakheti, you can also visit some of the landmarks of the region such as Sighnaghi town, Alaverdi Monastery, Gremi, and many more. If you are into trekking, visit  Lagodekhi National Park, where you can also rent horses and plan a guided visit to Black Rocks Lake.
For more travel tips, have a look at our travel guide to Kakheti Wine Region.

What to taste in Kakheti?

Here are some wines you shouldn't miss during wine tasting and tour in Kakheti:

  • Tsinandali - A flagship Georgian white wine. Tsinandali was born in the 1830s and it combines two Kakhetian grape varieties - Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane.
  • Kisi - You should not miss tasting Amber Kisi wine produced in the Kakhetian way, in Qvevri. The wine is high tannic and has unforgettable aromas of dried fruit and ripe fruit.
  • Saperavi - Leaving Kakheti without tasting Saperavi wine would be a crime. There are different appellations in Kakheti that produce red dry and red semi-sweet wines from the Saperavi grape. Mukuzani is one of the most exceptional wines produced by Saperavi.

What is the typical wine tasting and tours in Kakheti like?

A typical wine tour in Kakheti normally starts with an introduction to the history and traditions of Georgian winemaking.
Before wine tasting, you will have a tour of the cellar and the vineyard, where you will be introduced to the unique Qvevri winemaking method. At the end of the tour, you will be able to taste Qvevri wine paired with local delicacies.

What travellers says about Kakheti Wine Tours

Lara October 12, 2023
Wine tasting We had a good time at Chona's Marani, but it was different than expected. The person who should do the tour with us and especially speaks English was not there and we have spoken with him only briefly on the phone. This was of course very unfortunate... Instead, his parents have taken over, who were very cordial and have given a lot of effort, but only knew a little English. This made it difficult to ask questions. It was also not really a tour. The parents showed us the room with the Qveri and then we went to their house…
Thomas August 26, 2023
Excellent Personalized Tasting We arrived in Telavi before we could check in to our hotel so we dropped the car off, booked a tasting for only a few hours later, and just showed up at the winery. Simon showed us around the qvevri, the still for chacha, and the bottling room. We had a great tasting with plenty of the amber and red wine, chacha, and homemade sunflower oil with bread. The wines were great. Highly recommend this visit for the wines and how easily bookable it is here.
HAZEL April 17, 2022
Wine Tour Visiting the place for the first time and it was very beautiful and guide gave us a full information of the process of wine making and history of the company. We will definitely be back.
Priscilla May 6, 2023
Seemless booking experience and great follow up Love the way how your staff trying to reach out to me in many ways. It makes great booking experience knowing someone is taking care and confirming the booking via whatsapp, phone call and email. Thank you and would want to book via winetourism again and again.
Lukas October 12, 2022
Great experience! Thanks for your hospitality! My team was very satisfied and we really enjoyed time in KTW Wine House. I hope we see next year :)
Gabi September 21, 2022
The experiance was great Our tour guide was terrific, she is so fun and easy to be around, and the wine test was just wow.
Jeanette Lou
Jeanette Lou February 15, 2024
Great experience We both enjoyed our tour guide, he explained everything and answered all of our questions. Then explained all the different types of wines, cha cha and the brandy they also make at the winery. Our tour guide also opened a new bottle of brandy to give us a taste even though it was not included in our tour. We love our tour and the different wines that we will definitely come back again with our friends and family next time.
MAE CINDY April 11, 2024
Vaziani Winery Experience Great experience! A private wine tasting experience for my husband and I. Really worth the travel. Tamara is very informative.
Joshuq November 12, 2023
Very informative visit! Your sommelier did an excellent job of explaining to us the intricacies of the Qvevri wine making method

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Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Kakheti for kids and families?

What do you normally do during wine tastings and tours in Kakheti?

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the Caucasus Mountains while having a sip of high-quality wine. A tour around the wine cellar, production using traditional Georgian and European methods is also available. To top it off, guests can indulge in delicious Georgian-European fusion cuisine.

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