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How to reach wine tastings and tours in Barolo?

Following the Strada del Barolo(Barolo road) would be the best way to discover this beautiful corner of Piedmont and experience some of the most exclusive wine tasting experiences in Italy.  This fascinating route through the vineyards and Castles of Piedmont is a unique way of experience wine tastings and tours in Barolo. The lush hills of the Piedmontese Langhe are the backdrop to one of the most appreciated sensory experiences by those looking for an itinerary that can create a great mix of wine-gastronomy, history, art and magical landscapes. The road of Barolo combines the beauty of the landscape with the history and taste that is behind the production of one of the most valuable wines of Piedmont, Barolo.

The best season to experience wine tastings and tours in Barolo

The season to experience wine tastings and tours in Barolo opens in Spring. It is the perfect time if you are looking for great weather and fewer crowds.
You can visit exciting events around this season, to taste the newest Barolo vintage. During the autumn season, you can go for a truffle harvest in Piedmont. A number of wineries also offer harvest experiences and of course, Autumn is the best season if you would like to take part in this very important moment in winemaking and then enjoy the wine tasting and the tour in the cellar.
Summer is undoubtedly one of the best times to experience wine tastings and tours in Barolo. At the end of the summer and beginning of Autumn, you can attend different events, which will be a good opportunity to discover local food and wine traditions.

What to taste in Barolo?

Barolo wine is the main attraction of this region. below, you will find info on what to expect from this prestigious wine of Italy:
The wine is a deep garnet-red color.

The rich, complex, full taste of the wine envelops with ripe, rounded tannins, forming a dense, velvety texture, which harmoniously integrates shades of ripe black and red fruits, wild berries, complemented by nuances of spices in a persistent aftertaste.
The aroma of the wine is saturated with intense shades of red fruits, dried herbs, smoke and spices.
Gastronomic combinations
The wine will be a great addition to rich meat dishes, game, truffles and aged cheeses.

What is the typical wine tasting tour in Barolo like?

Wine tastings and tours in Barolo are one of art itself. Hearing a story under the beautiful sky and surrounded by the charm of scenic views. The steps to relocate your feet are in the right place. All the estates provide the best exposure to get settled here. The workers and those traditional ways of making wines are just incredible. The curiousness seems to be developing while you step in.
During Barolo wine tours, you will be able to taste a variety of wines either in their tasting rooms or in the cellar area. You can pair these wines with typical Barolo products or traditional dishes. In most cases, wine tasting and the tour in Barolo also includes a guided visit to the cellar and the vineyard. Some of the wineries give you the opportunity to meet their connoisseur winemakers, who will guide you through the winemaking techniques. Since the region is famous for its gastronomy and culture, take a chance to appreciate its eco gastronomy.
Overall, wine tastings and tours in Barolo will let you fully experience the beauty of the region, winemaking traditions as well as local cuisine. For each wine tasting and tour experience for Barolo presented on our website, you will see a bullet point list of what you can expect to experience.

What to visit in Barolo?

Here is the shortlist of places you should visit while in Barolo:
- Castello Falletti di Barolo, an important castle in the history of Barolo;
- La Morro, a small town that looks like the setting for a fairy-tale movie;
- Mondovi: a dome worth climbing.

Check out our Barolo wine region page, to learn more about local attractions.

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The small commune called Barolo in the Italian region of Piedmont has some incredible charm. One of the secrets of its charm: along with UNESCO-protected landscapes is the wonderful wine itself that carries the same name as the territory.  Barolo wine was one of the first in Italy to receive DOCG status and gain the reputation of  "king of wines and the wine of kings". A wine tour in Barolo will open up totally different world of top-notch gastronomy, wine, culture, and of course natural heritage - landscapes of Langhe. 

Below we provided endless possibilities for customizable wine tastings and tours in Barolo, Italy! We provide a peek into the wineries and vineyards of local producers in Barolo at Throughout the wine area, you can partake in a variety of enticing wine tasting activities. Our map of wine tastings and tours in Barolo will show you where each wine experience is located. We hope you get a glimpse into the fascinating world of wine by participating in reputed Barolo wine tastings and excursions throughout the region.

Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Barolo for families and kids?

These places provide the best wine tasting experiences for families and kids:

Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Barolo for groups?

These places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Barolo for groups:

Where to eat in Barolo?

Here is the shortlist of wineries in Barolo, where you can have food and wine experiences:

What food goes best with Barolo wine?

Traditional dishes such as Brasato al Barolo, Tajarin pasta with truffle, and local strong cheeses are the best pair for Barolo wine.

Where to taste Barolo?

What is the better place to taste Barolo if not the Village of Barolo itself surrounded by the vineyards of Nebbiolo? There you will find a big number of wineries open for visitors. Here are some wineries where you will taste Barolo:

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Jeff October 26, 2023
Very friendly and knowledgeable We had a great experience with our tour and tasting guide. Good wines.
Allan October 7, 2022
Great experience :) Knowledgable guide, nice selections of wine and possibility of extra tasting :)
Thomas October 4, 2022
Nice family winery Good well made wine affordable pricing
Essi April 18, 2022
Lovely wine tasting in beautiful vineyard The wine tasting was very well organised and professional. We got to taste seven different wines in beautiful room with amazing views. Strong recommendation!
Mandy August 14, 2023
Great Really Nice. Interesting story. Nice and beautiful Winehouse. Really good experience.
Kalle December 4, 2023
Thank you The stars speak for themselves
Jeremy April 9, 2023
Best wine tasting Francesca was very kind and friendly, she took the time to explain every step of the wine production. We could taste the best wines of the production. This was an exiting experience that I highly recommend
Lucy October 16, 2023
Amazing Marco was excellent, telling us so much detail about the wine, the area, in fact the whole process which was fascinating. Beautiful setting aswell.
Cécile July 27, 2023
An amazing visit We had an amazing time at the vineyard. It was a mix of history, personal story and immersion into the elegant and refined taste of Francesca and Diego Morra’s excellent wine. We will for sure order from them in the future and keep a fond memory of our visit.

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