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Perhaps putting into words, the description of Pauillac, can be a little difficult, simply because there is so much to say about it.  This big, bold beauty can be ravishing on the table, enough to grab everyone’s attention. Best when it's age-old, get ready to lean in and hear some secrets that the wine will no doubt tell you.  Making a connection straight from the lips to the heart, one word to sum it all up for this show stopper of wine would be ‘elegant’. Follow our guide to Pauillac to explore the Bordeaux wine region and learn more.

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Pauillac Vineyards

Where is Pauillac?

Tucked within the Haut-Médoc region of Bordeaux, Pauillac is not hard to miss. Pauillac is on the west bank of the Gironde. This side of Gironde is also popularly known as the left bank. The town of Pauillac is the largest in Medoc and proudly settles at nearly 30 meters above sea level. Bordered by St-Estèphe in the north and St Sauveur and the Landes forest, Pauillac radiates among other Medoc towns. 

Taking a Peek into the History of Pauillac

Pauillac carries the rich history of winemaking. The wine has stood as a witness of times that have defined the rich wine culture in France. The Medoc wine region was rated in a classification system, in the year 1855 prior the Exposition Universelle de Paris to present the very best of French wines. This classification system would go on to pick 58 of the best red wines and 21 of the best white wines that could be displayed in the name of France. The classification system is used to this very day and is still considered the most significant cru classification system in France. 

The 58 best red wines were further classified into five levels and Pauillac has been noted to make the most growth out of any other appellations.

Chateau La Tour

Crafting Pauillac Wines from its Terroirs

Its elevation at nearly 30 meters above sea level gives Pauillac wines an advantage with the climate and the air. The Pauillac soil is similar to that of Haut-Médoc. A gravelly, marshy, and sandy texture that works best when combined with the nearby forests, wines from the region tend to have a very rich, smooth and sophisticated finish. 

Thanks to the exceptional terroir, Pauillac wine region  includes three of the five premier cru châteaux of Bordeaux : Latour, Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild. 

Grape Varieties of Pauillac

Cabernet Sauvignon is widely popular as the Bordeaux grape variety in Pauillac.  However, that is not all there is to it. Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec are other popular varieties that are used in the blend of this rich wine. Wines of Pauillac are rich, full-bodied and powerful in tannins. The most noticeable notes are blackcurrant, cedar, tobacco. 

What to Eat with Pauillac Wine?

1. Agneau de Pauillac paired with Pauillac Wine

The pairing of Pauillac and roast lamb is a classic one and one that is absolute perfection. Consisting of garlic, parsley, truffles, potatoes, butter, and a baron of lamb that is needed to be cooked juicy and tender. The Agneau de Pauillac is required to be lamb only fed with its mothers milk . A miss in any of these things no longer makes it tender and no longer is called Agneau de Pauillac but is called Broutard instead. Restaurants will serve Agneau de Pauillac with the famous Pauillac wine whilst others will serve Broutard.

2. Pauillac with Game Birds

  • Partridge

Partridge is a game bird that is the game changer when it comes to poultry dinner. It’s less full on than pheasants and it is more delicate and subtle than chicken. Slow roast a partridge and crack open a bottle of Pauillac to enjoy on a cold night. The soft tannins and the rich, silky textures of the wine will go great with a slow cooked partridge. 

  • Grouse

Britain’s most delicious game bird can go great with a good bottle of French Pauillac wine. While the way Grouse is cooked is slowly changing over time, a bottle of Pauillac can work with the slowly roasted Grouse complimenting the tender meat.

  • Pheasant

Needless to say, Pauillac works really well with meat that is roasted, braised or even grilled. And pheasant is no exception when it comes to being a pairing with Pauillac. The tender meat of pheasant and a glass of Pauillac will bring life to many conversations over the dinner table.

3. Pauillac with Mushroom

Pauillac will add an extra kick to earthy flavors of mushroom and truffles and compliments them well. Lightly sauteed mushrooms and Pauillac work well and so do grilled mushrooms. What can one expect in Pauillac wine tasting notes? This could be one of the wines that might catch you off guard with its deep color from the fruits, from red to black, making it that much richer. Pauillac wine is a balanced mixture of spice, earth, fruit, and tannins. And this is why the wine would make a perfect pair with mushrooms. 

Where to Go in Pauillac?

1. Boulevard

It’s a must visit when you go to Pauillac. The boulevard is full of history, and charms; perfect to capture photographs and memories. You can explore a number of cafes and shops, some 19th century houses that will enthrall you and some shops in the characteristic ‘charentais’ type style. It is the perfect excuse to spend your day and the perfect way to do it when you are in Pauillac.

2. The Church of Saint-Martin

The city of Pauillac is rich in history and has seen some history over time. Having been through the second world war, the church of Saint-Martin is held as a monument of time for those who lost lives in WWII. The 19th century market hall is worth visiting. 

3. Museum of Automated Animals

Pauillac is also home to a museum of automated animals. The concept is new, captivating and will hold your interest from the very start. Quench your thirst for knowledge and your queries for the future and the endless possibilities that lie. Pauillac is a contrast between history and the future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pauillac Wine Region

What kind of wine is Pauillac?

Pauillac is one of the most famous, most expensive red wines in the world with a finesse that will leave you wanting more. Made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, there are seldom red wines that taste this rich and elegant.

Is Pauillac à Bordeaux?

Yes Pauillac is a Bordeaux; a small commune  on Bordeaux’s Médoc peninsula, it has managed to earn fame across many countries for its smooth taste.

What does Pauillac wine taste like?

One of the key strengths of Pauillac wine is that the wine has the ability to age over time and evolve for decades giving it that vintage feel and all the right flavors and aromas. People say that the best Pauillac wine tastes like ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’.

Is Pauillac a left bank or right bank?

The region of Bordeaux is separated by Gironde estuary and two rivers; this is what separates Bordeaux as left bank and right bank and Entre-Deux-Mers. Pauillac is the left bank. The Left bank area includes famous appellations such as Médoc, Graves, Margaux, Pauillac, where Cabernet Sauvignon is the predominant grape variety.

Where is the Pauillac wine region located?

The Pauillac wine region is located in the Médoc area of Bordeaux, France, on the left bank of the Gironde estuary.

What is the best time to visit Pauillac for wine enthusiasts?

The best time to visit Pauillac for wine enthusiasts is during the harvest season (September to October) when vineyards are bustling with activity, or during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant and vineyards are in full growth.

What does Pauillac wine pair with?

Perfect pairings for Pauillac include cigars, watching sports and poker games. Lamb is for Dinner – When it comes to food pairings, Pauillac's power makes it limited to mostly red meats. Of them, lamb seems to be the ideal partner.

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