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Classic Tour and Tasting

Classic Tour and Tasting

A classic visit with a walk through the vineyard, a winery tour, and culminates in a highlight tasting of three wines from a diverse portfolio, accompanied by delightful local food

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Priorat Wine Tours Offered by Local Guides

Private Tour of Poblet Monastery And Wines In Priorat From Barcelona

Private Tour of Poblet Monastery And Wines In Priorat From Barcelona

Discover the daily life of monks living at monastery on this guided tour from Barcelona to Poblet Monastery and Siruana Winery

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Private Priorat Tour from Barcelona

Private Priorat Tour from Barcelona

Learn more about wines with a tasting of the most exclusive wines produced in the beautiful village of Gratallops, Catalonia

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Priorat Wine Tour for Professionals From Barcelona

Priorat Wine Tour for Professionals From Barcelona

An immersive journey through some of Spain’s most renowned wineries and tasting of exquisite wines from local producers of Catalonia

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3 Emporda Wineries Private Tour from Barcelona

3 Emporda Wineries Private Tour from Barcelona

Unveiling the soul of Priorat: Wine, villages, scenic views, and culinary magic await your discovery

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our visitors

How to reach wine tastings and tours in Priorat?

The nearest airport to reach wine tastings and tours in Priorat is Reus Airport (REU). Another two possibilities are to land in Barcelona’s main airport, El Prat (BCN) or to Barcelona Girona Airport (GRO).
Most of the wineries are located near towns like Falset, Porrera, Gratallops and Poboleda. Check out our list of wine tastings and tours in Priorat for more detailed addresses.

The best season to experience wine tastings and tours in Priorat

There’s never a bad time to experience wine tastings and tours in Priorat. Thanks to the wonderful Mediterranean climate you can enjoy most of what this incredible region has to offer all year round.
However, spring might be the perfect time to go to wine tastings and tours in Priorat. The season is mildly warm and cities are way less crowded compared to summer. In the countryside, where the majority of wine tastings and tours in Priorat are, the fields and hills come alive with blossoms and wild flowers.
In summer, the days are longer and the nightlife really does last all night, and you can dine out on charming tasting areas, or by the sea, enjoying a glass of wine in the breeze coming off the waves.

What to taste at wine tastings and tours in Priorat?

At wine tastings and tours in Priorat you will discover that the best wines from this region are distinguished by their rich color, rich texture, fresh taste with mineral notes. They say about these wines – "wine to wake up, not to drink while sitting on the couch".
Ecologists find up to 50 nuances in Priorat wine bouquets: plums, black cherries, dried fruits, black and red currants, wet stone, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, mint, licorice, anise, etc.

What is a typical wine tasting and tour in Priorat like?

Experience incredible wine tastings and tours in Priorat and get the possibility to have a walk among scenic vineyards. All wineries offer the guided cellar and ageing room tours. Enrich your knowledge about the local winemaking techniques.
Browse the wine tastings and tours in Priorat offered by our partner wineries.

Top places to visit in Priorat

In between wine tastings and tours in Priorat, we advise you to take a trip through time by visiting historical, cultural and natural heritages in Gratallops.
If you prefer to do activities in nature, immerse yourself into scenic view in Montsant Natural Park. Explore cave La Taverna where some one of the oldest cave paintings in Catalonia is located.

Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Priorat for groups?

These are our top 3 picks if you are going for wine tastings and tours in Priorat with a group:

Which places provide the best wine tastings and tours in Priorat for families with kids?

If you are travelling with your kids, these are the best family-friendly wine tastings and tours in Priorat:

What does Priorat wine taste like?

Most Priorat wines are dry red blends, high in both alcohol and tannins, with a thick texture. These wines are typically aged in new French oak barrels, rather than the used American barrels preferred for Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Common wine tasting notes include flavors of blackberry, chocolate, and licorice

What is the oldest winery in Priorat?

Scala Dei is the oldest winery in Priorat, its origins go back to 1194, the year in which the Carthusian monks established themselves in the village of Scala Dei in the province of Tarragona. The winery has retained the same traditional spirit from its origins right to the present day.

What food does Priorat go with?

You'll love the red wines of Priorat with braised beef dishes, stews, lamb, duck, and other meat and game dishes. Recipes to Pair with Wines from Priorat: Chef John's Cassoulet. Duck Confit.

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Indulge in wine tasting and tour Priorat, Catalonia's renowned wine region. Nestled amidst rugged landscapes and steeped in long winemaking history, Priorat offers a captivating experience for wine enthusiasts seeking unforgettable wine tasting and tour adventures. Here, you can immerse yourself in the world of exceptional wines and discover the unique flavours and character that define Priorat's acclaimed offerings.

Wine tastings and tours in Priorat are a sensory journey that unveils the region's winemaking artistry. Expert sommeliers and winemakers guide you through immersive tastings, sharing their knowledge and passion for the wines. With the iconic red wines made from Garnacha and Cariñena grapes taking centre stage, you'll have the opportunity to explore the depth, complexity, and distinctive terroir that make Priorat wines truly exceptional.

To make the most of your wine tasting and tour experience in Priorat, we have curated a list of the top wine tours available in the region. These carefully selected tours provide an immersive experience, taking you through the vineyards, cellars, and wineries that embody the essence of Priorat's winemaking traditions. For a seamless and memorable experience, book your wine tours through Uncover the secrets of Priorat's exceptional wines and create lasting memories as you embark on an extraordinary wine tasting and tour journey.

Embark on a wine-filled adventure in Priorat, where Catalonia's renowned wines await your discovery. Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of the wineries, experience the passion and craftsmanship behind each bottle, and savour the remarkable flavours that define Priorat's wines. Book your wine tastings and tours through to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. Let the enchantment of Priorat's wine culture unfold before you as you explore the region's top wineries and indulge in the flavours that make this destination a true wine lover's paradise.

What travellers says about Priorat Wine Tours

Leon August 17, 2022
Superb tour and wine tasting We had a great experience. Very knowledgeable family with delicious wines. Highly recommended!
Emily April 22, 2024
Will recommend to anyone and everyone! Incredibly informative and interesting, everyone was extremely nice, very worth it!
Duncan May 4, 2022
Personal tour with winemaker The owner/winemaker gave us a personal tour and tasting. Because he speaks very little English, his 16 year old daughter helped as an interpreter. Wonderful, personal experience. Winery is very difficult to find with no signage so give yourself extra time to get there if you arrange a visit. We loved it. JDP
Dan May 1, 2023
Our host Roxanna was great. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We were thrilled with the high caliber of the wines and Roxanne's knowledge. She was very professional and friendly. We recommend visiting here fore a good experience of Priorat wine.
Jim April 8, 2024
Very special visit We arrived for our tasting, a day early. Jordi assured us he could make it work that day and he did. The self-guided walk through the vineyard was extremely well done and quite enjoyable. And the wines were every bit as good as we expected. It was a pleasant change to have a rosé and a white wine in the flight. If you’re lucky you will get to meet Jordi, he’s the best!
Jim April 8, 2024
Great Time Very informative and wonderful wine. An afternoon well spent.
Henry May 19, 2024
Celler Joan Ametller tour with Marijke We would like to thank Marijke for a very informative and pleasant wine tour ending with a tasting of their delicious wines. With the background of the magical mountains of the Sierra de Montsant, this celler is a must for those wanting to discover the fine wines of the Priorat DOC.

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